GemPad Has Been Successfully Listed on CoinMarketCap with New Platforms Available on Launchpad, New Features, Special Sale and Tier Structure

April 30, 2022 6:36 PM EDT | Source: CryptoShib

Dublin, Ireland--(Newsfile Corp. - April 30, 2022) - GemPad has been listed on CoinMarketCap (CMC) and can now welcome a wider net of users and regular buyers to their presales. At present, there are projects built on Polygon, Ethereum, Telos, Binance Smart Chain, and Cronos available on the launchpad. GemPad offers a platform to the new and existing cryptocurrency projects and brings them in front of a wider audience. In the last presale held by GemPad, the platform experienced one of the most bullish sales ending with 1200 BNB. GemPad gives a new identity to the crypto projects by bringing them to the community at large.

The GemPad Helps Launchpad

On GemPad, the dedicated team helps with the launch process while completing the KYC audit, creating whitelists, and several other incubator benefits. GemPad offers in-platform verification, KYC, and auditing confirmation processes to further help new projects launch smoothly and set up their transactions system.

GemPad supports projects built on ETH, BSC, Polygon, Telos, and Cronos. Users can join any project and participate in its presales easily, which helps the project owners an easy way to attract users. The entire platform runs on the principles of transparency and the end-users interest.

There are features like a built-in alarm function, which rings and notifies the existing users about the time and venue of the presales.

GemPad Tier Structure

GemPad has four tiers working in favor of the investors and project owners. With every subsequent tier, functionality and services are improved. In general, the project safety also increases with the tier, and there are some distinct requirements for each tier that must be fulfilled.

Common Tier

Any user can create and list a project under this tier. There are no special requirements here. Projects in this tier won't get a KYC and Audited tag.

Gold Tier

Projects in the Gold Tier can apply for the KYC and Audit badge. This will help the project owners market their platform as a safe investment opportunity and stand out from the common-tiered projects.

Platinum Tier

The KYC and Audit badges are necessary for the projects in this tier. Moreover, these projects are safer and more secure than those in the previous tier. The project owners have to contact the sales team at GemPad to get their projects listed under this tier. To further improve their ability to stand out, the projects in a tier must hold an AMA session on GemPad's Telegram channel.

Diamond Tier

Projects in the diamond tier are the safest of all, and they will also have to pass the KYC and Audit processing. Plus, the project's launch can be done after contacting the GemPad's team. The project owners must also attend an AMA session on GemPad's Telegram channel.

The projects here also get pre and post-launch support provided by the GemPad team. The GemPad team is also in contact with over 100 Telegram call channels that can be leveraged to promote the project further.

Special Sales

GemPad offers a Special Sales segment allowing the users to participate in exclusive seed rounds, private sales, and partial sales. The users will enjoy first-rated access to the new projects with this service and get several opportunities to tune into upcoming projects. The only condition is that users need to hold a premeditated amount of $GEMS to participate in the special sales.

To Sum it Up

GemPad is an innovative launchpad offering tier-based launch services to the project owners giving them a new way to come into the mainstream market of cryptocurrencies. The users can access audited, and KYC'd projects that are checked for security and transparency. On GemPad, the users will get access to verified projects, while the project owners will enjoy access to a ready to invest market. 

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