Finixio Bullish on Crypto and Increases Acquisitions and Investments

UK-based Finixio is rapidly becoming one of the biggest crypto media and customer acquisition companies worldwide.

London, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - April 23, 2022) - Founded by Adam Grunwerg, and Sam Miranda in November 2018, Finixio has grown considerably, now owning a portfolio of more than 60 websites, with a combined monthly visitor count of 10 million unique visitors per month.

Finixio is highly aggressive when it comes to expanding its crypto portfolio of websites. In the last few months alone, it has acquired one of the largest crypto news sites in Czech Republic,, and it has launched its own B2B division for high value clients.

Major companies that partner with Finixio now include Binance, eToro,, and one of the world's leading crypto exchanges, Coinbase.

Finixio Bullish on the Future of Crypto

Alongside many other venture capital companies, Finixio has announced that it is very bullish on the future of crypto.

According to Grunwerg, CEO of Finixio, "As a company, we're extremely bullish on the future of crypto. This doesn't just include Bitcoin; it includes other market developments and tokens as well.

NFTs and the Metaverse are two huge new areas of growth that create entire new industries. We see huge growth in Defi products and services in which users can earn interest and rewards for the crypto they hold, as well as Crypto-friendly debit cards to spend their money."

When questioning the growth and criticism of cryptocurrencies, Grunwerg said, "The numbers speak for themselves. Nearly a third of the world's adult population doesn't have access to a bank account. In order to open one, they have to visit their local branch, which are all closing down by the way.

Those who successfully wait 1-2 months to open an account then have to deal with an array of unexpected bank fees and charges (including 2-3% spreads on international payments)."

Grunwerg continues, "Then along comes crypto, you can open a new account and send instant transactions within minutes. Your funds are readily available and secured on the blockchain. They're immutably stored, unlike a bank."

Finixio speculates on the risk of investing in cryptocurrencies

Finixio admits there are risks and unknowns in the crypto industry. According to Adam Grunwerg:

"Of course, there are risks in crypto, and until regulation catches up with it all users will be forced to conduct their own due diligence. Digital communities such as Discord, Reddit and Quora are a great place to research entities. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself a number of things before investing in crypto such as:

- Does the product or service add tangible value? What is its main utility?

- Who is the team behind it? Do they have a successful track record?

- Is there any institutional investment behind them?

- Are they licensed? Has it ever been subject to a 3rd party audit?

- Who are its main promoters and beneficiaries?"

What will the future hold for cryptocurrency regulation?

An increase in regulation will also make crypto safer for venture funds and private equity to invest, which will drive institutional investment into the industry.


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