BitWell - A Growth Asset Platform, Powerfully Breaks the Ice in a Cold Market with Over $200 Million in 24h Trading Volume

Tortola, British Virgin Islands--(Newsfile Corp. - March 29, 2022) - According to the latest CoinMarketCap data, BitWell, the world's leading growth asset trading platform, has reached a new milestone by breaking $200 million in 24-hour trading volume.

From obscurity to being known in the crypto world, BitWell has proven what a growth asset platform is with nearly 2 years of practical actions.

Since its launch, BitWell has been committed to providing users with projects that have the most promising development and growth potential. From DeFi and DEX to its recent efforts in public chain, Metaverse, NFT, GameFi and other popular fields, BitWell's excellent forward-looking vision and advanced track layout reveal the strong research and judgment ability of the BitWell team.

As more and more early layouts begin to blossom, it is believed that in time, BitWell's layouts will become the vane of the blockchain field and the leader of the industry.

Quality asset selection, multiple projects’ cooperation

BitWell's high-quality asset selection vision is outstanding, and its performance has often been praised by users since its launch.

BitWell has created several asset zone such as Metaverse, NFT, GameFi, Blockchain , etc.. announcing one to several star projects for cooperation every week.

Behind this is the BitWell team's in-depth research of the industry and accurate grasp of potential projects.

Invest to choose the track, lay out the top public chain ecology in advance

As early as August 2021, BitWell has laid out the Avalanche ecology, conducted an in-depth and thorough analysis of its ecosystem and token economy, and launched AVAX to BitWell WELLPool. WELLPool is a premium asset Ce&DeFi product provided by BitWell for users, who can obtain premium selected assets by pledging platform passes.

Recently, BitWell announced that it will fully incubate Avalanche eco-projects and has entered into a top-tier strategic partnership with Avalanche, attending Avalanche's first hackathon and acting as a sponsor and project judge, and will invest in and incubate early-stage quality assets with outstanding performance. The last time BitWell announced a public chain partnership was with BNB, which was only priced at $18 at the time, and then immediately listed the BSC ecological DeFi asset CAKE and fully introduced the PancakeSwap product, which was listed on BitWell at only $0.75. BitWell also became the first centralized exchange to combine DeFi product platform, promoting the development of the CEX and DEX industry.

In the era of rapid growth of derivatives, BitWell has long been aware of the development trend of the industry

In February 2021, BitWell's self-developed USDT perpetual contract was launched, which attracted a large number of traders from traditional industries and cryptocurrencies due to its original multiple order types, split&merge positions, 100X leverage, etc.. In 2020, BitWell saw the industry trend that the volume of derivatives trading would accelerate and eventually overtake the spot in a straight line. The team researched the traditional financial industry and the cryptocurrency industry, taking the best and removing the worst, and completing its own development.

In the year of DeFi, BitWell launched CAKE, UNI, YFI and other contract products to provide hedging assistance to users when mining, and in the year of Metaverse, BitWell launched SAND, MANA, ALICE and other ACE Metaverse and GameFi contract products. Recently, Bitwell launched GMT (STEPN) perpetual contracts, a popular Binance Launchpad ‘Move-to-Earn’ project.

Entering the metaverse and NFT, expanding the boundaries of cooperation

In 2021, BitWell established its investment and incubation division, BitWell Labs. Subsequently, BitWell Labs, together with Zonff Partners, established the NFT Fund, investing $10 million to support and invest in NFT projects, help more quality NFT projects incubate in marketing, operation, trading, etc., and promote NFT market development.

In December, BitWell Labs established a $50 million Metaverse dedicated fund to support and invest in GameFi, NFT and Metaverse related projects.

International community and strong cohesion, creating a "DAO" era

BitWell's users come from all over the world, and the community is extremely cohesive and sticky, with many product iterations and optimizations coming from community members' opinions. BitWell has already achieved semi-autonomy of the community, and the community users can vote for the governance of the platform and token listing.

BitWell is committed to building ‘DAO’, where all community users can carry out distributed management of the platform and return management and voting rights to users, providing an efficient market environment for users and solving the management crisis often criticized by centralization. Through decentralized blockchain management, distributed self-regulatory organization, cryptocurrency organization and decision-making methods, BitWell will once again lead the industry and gradually develop from a centralized platform to a semi-centralized or decentralized platform, completing the transformation of ‘DAO’.

Global top professional team is behind the top decision

BitWell team comes from Europe, America, Asia Pacific and other countries and regions, and consists of an international elite decentralized team, with core cadres from Morgan Stanley, Google, Meta, Binance, IBM, Paypal and other global well-known financial, blockchain and Internet companies. The core members have multinational working backgrounds, have worked deeply in the financial trading field on Wall Street, and have rich experience in blockchain asset trading.

The first platform to be fully bet on by traditional funds and blockchain investment institutions

Shortly after its launch, BitWell received $30 million in strategic investment from investors including: Ceyuan Ventures, Dragonfly Capital, Will Hunting Capital, NGC, SNZ, HashKey, Youbi Capital, Hash Global, LinkVC, Collinstar Capital, Zonff Partners and other global Top investment institutions. 

Dragonfly Capital: Dragonfly Capital is a crypto asset investment fund founded by Bo Feng, the founder of Ceyuan Ventures, focusing on the digital asset sector. Currently, it has invested in Nervos (CKB), Compound, Cosmos, CELO, bybit, CoinFLEX and other crypto asset projects and trading platforms.

Whether it is the team, or the investment institution, BitWell has its own unique advantages. With the expansion of many tracks such as metaverse, NFT, public chain, BitWell will gradually complete the metamorphosis from a growth asset platform to a mature and superior asset platform.


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