CatBoy Token Now Available on PancakeSwap; Announces New Staking and Marketplace Functions with 18 Different NFTs in Mystery Boxes

March 19, 2022 1:11 PM EDT | Source: CryptoShib

Milan, Italy--(Newsfile Corp. - March 19, 2022) - CatBoy token is now available on PancakeSwap, and users can buy the CATBOY token via the multi-chain bridge in exchange for ETH and SOL. The project focuses on improving user understanding on NFTs and their use cases. CatBoy token has 18 different NFTs based on anime characters. These NFTs have different rarity levels thereby inducing an increase in the price according to the rarity level. CatBoy aims to increase the platform's popularity and stimulate an increase in the price of the native token and the NFTs associated with the project.

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Catboy Token

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NFTs from Mystery Boxes

Every NFT available on the platform is accessible via mystery boxes that can be purchased with Catboy tokens. Each of the mystery boxes will reveal a minted NFT card, one of the 18 cards that have already been minted. The 18 different characters associated with the CatBoy are shown on the NFTs, and the rarity rates are 50% (Common), 40% (Uncommon), 8.9% (Rare), 1% (Epic), and 0.1% (Legendary).

The NFT characters are inspired by the anime and manga world. The users will find characters like Saito, Arata, Shenji, Aki, Rikuto, and others. These differentiate according to their rarity levels and popularity. The price of the NFT increases with the increasing level of rarity.

The users can also mint the NFT characters from any wallet which supports the BNB token. This includes wallets like Metamask, Trust Wallet, and Binance Chain Wallet.

Staking and Marketplace Functions on CatBoy Token

The CatBoy community can gain from the tentative increase in the NFT value and from the staking mechanism. Users can buy CatBoy Founder Edition NFTs and CatBoy Profile pictures to get more CatBoy tokens. Here the users will stake the NFTs and not tokens.

On the CatBoy marketplace, users can sell or buy CatBoy Founder edition NFTs, Profile Pictures, and Chibi NFTs based on a decentralized system. Every transaction to buy CatBoy tokens and the NFTs are taxable to the amount of 11%.

This 11% tax is shared between the development team, liquidity pool, marketing team, and operational team. The development team will 1% of the transaction amount, and 2% of the amount helps with liquidity provisioning. 6% is spent on marketing that includes social media, Telegram, Twitter, Discord, YouTube, etc., and 2% of the transaction is kept for the benefit of the team.

To Sum Up

CatBoy is a community-first NFT project working on the principles of DeFi and bringing the anime and manga world into NFT. The enthusiasts can buy and earn with CatBoy tokens and NFTs. The project is based on community engagement, popularity, and attention. The project also has a marketplace and supports the people who own cats while extending a helping hand for feral cats and helping struggling cat owners. There are plans to bring global celebrities on board. The CatBoy token aims to increase its popularity and attention.The project aims to bring the real value of the NFTs and help people build a stronger community.

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