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Additional information to ASX announcements titled "Widespread copper sulphides logged in first two holes at Mostazal Copper Project" (8 February 2022), and "Copper Sulphides Present over 250m in Hole 3 Mostazal Copper Project, Chile" (24 February 2022).

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - February 28, 2022) - Further to the ASX announcements dated 8 February 2022 and 24 February 2022, Solis Minerals Limited (ASX: SLM) (TSXV: SLMN) (FSE: 08W) ("Solis Minerals" or "the Company") provides the following additional information relating to its reported sulphide mineralisation at the Mostazal Copper Project in Chile.

1. The nature of the Sulphide minerals

The nature of the minerals are fine grained sulphides which are primary sulphide mineralisation occurring as disseminated throughout the host lithology, as amygdaloidal infill and in veinlets.

2. Minerals Observed

The minerals observed are fine grained sulphides including, pyrite, chalcopyrite, bornite and chalcocite.

3. Estimated abundance of minerals observed

The estimated abundance of the minerals observed is set out in Table 1.

Cautionary note:

The Company stresses that the reported visually estimated percentages are subjective, and due to the nature of visual estimations of mineral percentages in drill core, should be treated as indicative only.

In relation to the disclosure of visual results, the Company cautions that visual estimates of mineral abundance should never be considered a proxy or substitute for a laboratory analysis. Assay results are required to determine the widths and grade of the visual mineralisation in preliminary geological logging. The Company will update the market when laboratory results become available.

Fred Tejada, P.Geo. (30021), is a Qualified Person and has reviewed and approved the technical content of this news release.

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Service Provider (as the term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy of accuracy of this news release.

Issued on the directive of the board of Solis.

For further information please contact:

Jason Cubitt
President and CEO
Solis Minerals Ltd.
+01 (604) 209 1658

Stephen Moloney
Investor Relations
Corporate Storytime
+61 (0)403 222 052

Table 1
Mostazal Copper Project
Visually estimated sulphide mineralisation

Hole_IDDepth From
Depth To
Sulphide %*

MODD0012.976.8873.98Disseminated / amygdale fill/ veinletspyrite > Chalcopyrite +/- borniteTr-1%
MODD00176.8810427.12Disseminated / amygdale fillchalcopyrite > bornite +/- chalcociteTr-1%
MODD001104107.43.4amygdale fill/ veinletsbronite/chalcopyrite2-5%
MODD001107.4136.2628.86Disseminated / amygdale fillchalcopyrite > bornite +/- chalcociteTr-1%
MODD001136.26138.11.84amygdale fill/ veinletsbornite/ chalcocite2-5%
MODD001138.1140.32.2Disseminated / amygdale fillchalcopyrite > borniteTr-1%
MODD001140.316928.7Disseminatedpyrite, Chalcopyrite > borniteTr-1%
MODD0011691712Disseminated / amygdale fill/ veinletschalcopyrite > borniteTr-1%
MODD001171180.19.1Disseminated / amygdale fill/ veinletschalcopyrite > bornite1-2%
MODD001180.11821.9Disseminatedpyrite, chalcopyrite > borniteTr-1%
MODD0012002044Disseminated / amygdale fill/ veinletschalcocite > borniteTr-1%
MODD001231.5246.314.8Disseminated / amygdale fillchalcocite > borniteTr-1%
MODD001246.330255.7Disseminated / amygdale fill/ veinletschalcocite > bornite +/- chalcociteTr-1%
MODD001302305.73.7amygdale fill/ veinletschalcocite > bornite1-2%
MODD001305.7334.729Disseminated / amygdale fillchalcocite > borniteTr-1%
MODD001334.734712.3Disseminated / amygdale fill/ veinletschalcocite > borniteTr-1%
MODD001347351.64.6Disseminated / veinletspyrite/ chalcopyrite1-2%
MODD001351.636210.4Disseminated / veinletspyrite/ chalcopyriteTr-1%
MODD0020235.7235.7Disseminated / amygdale fillpyrite +/- chalcopyriteTr
MODD002235.7358122.3Disseminated / amygdale fillpyrite +/- chalcopyriteTr-1%
MODD0023583591Disseminated / veinletspyrite +/- chalcopyrite1-3%
MODD00235937415Disseminated / amygdale fillpyrite +/- chalcopyriteTr-1%
MODD002374396.322.3Disseminated / amygdale fill/ veinletspyrite, chalcopyrite > borniteTr-1%
MODD002396.3445.749.4Disseminated / amygdale fill/ veinletschalcocite > bornite +/- chalcociteTr-1%
MODD002445.7446.71amygdale fill/ veinletschalcopyrite > borniteTr-1%
MODD002446.7450.84.1amygdale fill/ veinletschalcopyrite > bornite1-5%
MODD002450.8470.820amygdale fill/ veinletschalcopyrite > borniteTr-1%
MODD002470.8473.83amygdale fill/ veinletschalcopyrite > bornite1-5%
MODD002473.8474.230.43disseminatedbornite > chalcopyrite1-2%
MODD003276.12280.64.48Disseminated / amygdale fillborniteTr-1%
MODD0034504511Disseminated / amygdale fillpyrite> Chalcopyrite-bornite1-2%
MODD0034584602Disseminated / amygdale fillpyrite> Chalcopyrite-bornite1-2%
MODD003474474.20.2Disseminated/ VeinletsborniteTr-1%
MODD003479.23483.74.47Disseminatedbornite-chalcopyrite > chalcocite1-2%
MODD003500.6500.70.1Disseminated/ VeinletsborniteTr-1%
MODD003501.35502.641.29Disseminatedbornite > chalcopyrite > chalcocite1-2%
MODD003506.15070.9DisseminatedChalcopyrite > pyrite3-5%
MODD003507511.154.15Disseminatedpyrite > chalcopyrite3-5%
MODD003514.3552813.65Disseminatedpyrite, chalcopyriteTr-1%


* Tr = Trace

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