Aldwin Callen Has Created a Range of Capital-Protected Investments to Capitalize on the Roller-Coaster Ride Investors Have Experienced Since the Epidemic Began

Taipei, Taiwan--(Newsfile Corp. - February 19, 2022) - Aldwin Callen held a press conference on Tuesday to announce that they have designed a CPI product to shield new clients from the downside protection the first 180 days. Investors have been on something of a bumpy ride since the onset of the pandemic. The next setback on the road to recovery occurred in the aftermath of the introduction of Omicron, a new COVID strain that sent investors fleeing for shelter.

Capital-protected investments' primary objective is to provide new clients with access to financial markets while mitigating risk for a defined period. Numerous brokerage firms offer CPI products, which allow new investors to establish a track record with the financial institution in a risk-free environment, thereby establishing compatibility between the client and the brokerage firm.

At the conference, Aldwin Arthur Raffert, Co-Founder and Board Member at Aldwin Callen, explained, "Research has routinely shown that time in the market is more successful than timing the market so I would caution investors against trying to pre-empt any potential falls." "We hope to provide both new and existing clients with a range of exciting capital-protected investment products that serve as a low-risk entry point into the financial markets while also complementing existing portfolios. "To ensure compliance with rules, we must assess our clients' risk capability and aversion to risk. "

Due to the nature of capital protected investments, new clients can enter their first investment with the confidence that their investment capital is completely secure. Aldwin Callen is a market leader in terms of returns and client happiness, and is consistently ranked as one of Asia's best brokerage firms. The CPI products simply enable the business to grow faster by streamlining the client acquisition process. When new clients are satisfied with the results of their initial investment, the advisors will tailor a portfolio to the client's investment objective and risk tolerance.

What does over 400 years of combined experience buy? A lot of real life experiences used to understand and empathize with clients.

Aldwin Callen is focused on maximizing returns for investors while minimizing risk. Macroeconomic data and research are used to remain ahead of the curve. After six years in business, the company now manages over $1.9 billion in assets with 275 highly skilled personnel across the globe.

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Aldwin Callen provides portfolio management and financial advice to a global client base through a unique blend of financial expertise and in-depth market knowledge. Aldwin Callen's expertise, commitment, and solutions enable our clients to achieve and maintain their satisfaction.

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