iMining Technologies Launches Staking on Terra LUNA

CanETH Staking Services Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of iMining Technologies Inc., enables Terra ("LUNA") token staking. The staking operation will secure the Terra Blockchain while generating additional cryptocurrency.

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - December 16, 2021) - iMining Technologies Inc. (TSXV: IMIN) (the "Company" or "iMining") announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, CanETH Staking Services Inc. ("CanETH") has launched staking solutions for the native token of the Terra Blockchain, LUNA.

Recently, LUNA has outshined its peers, including Ethereum and Bitcoin, as it has been able to further develop its entire ecosystem. Like Ethereum, Terra is a programmable money for the internet. "Terra deploys a suite of algorithmic decentralized stable coins which are one of the key pillars in Decentralized Finance," said Dwain Pereira, VP Staking Solutions. "Staking on Terra LUNA is rewarded by compute fees, stability fees and swap fees. Terra has become one of the fastest growing ecosystems in crypto with many projects across DEFI, Web3.0 and NFTs."

Terra is a public blockchain protocol deploying a suite of algorithmic decentralized stable coins which underpin a thriving ecosystem that brings Decentralized Finance to the masses. The Terra blockchain is unique because it is able to host a multitude of algorithmic stable coins on its network. Terra LUNA is the 12th largest blockchain with a market cap of US$23.6 billion.

While many see the benefits of a price stable cryptocurrency that combines the best of both fiat and crypto, not many blockchains have a clear plan for the adoption of such a cryptocurrency. Since the value of a currency as a medium of exchange is mainly driven by its network effects, a successful digital currency needs to maximize adoption to become useful. Terra LUNA, which is both price stable and growth driven, achieves price stability via an elastic money supply, enabled by stable staking incentives. It also uses seigniorage created by its staking operations as transaction stimulus, thereby facilitating adoption.

"The price volatility of cryptocurrencies is a widespread challenge and I believe Terra LUNA has both price stability and growth. Terra LUNA is expected to have a significant impact as one of the best use cases across DEFI, Web3.0 and NFTs," said Khurram Shroff, CEO of iMining.

About iMining Technologies Inc.

iMining is a publicly listed Web3.0 technology company developing technology for Proof of Stake ("POS") infrastructure on Ethereum, Cardano, Avalanche and Solana Blockchains and investing in revenue-generating crypto and blockchain assets linked to Decentralized Finance ("DeFi") and Non-Fungible Tokens ("NFT"). iMining also owns BitBit Financial, an ATM Network and crypto OTC Platform.

With diverse blockchain investment and infrastructure solutions, iMining will be a leader in accelerating the growth of Web3.0 for the enterprise market. The Company's operations include secure and sustainable cryptocurrency payments, staking, mining and digital asset investment designed for the scale and compliance requirements of institutional clients. iMining is committed to building strong global blockchain ecosystems and supporting inclusive access to digital tools and technologies.


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