Mars Immigration Program Releases the First Mars Metaverse Game

Summary: In September 2020, (YFI) founder Andre Cronje proposed the GameFi concept. In his opinion, the DeFi industry is still in the "TradeFi" (trade finance) stage, and may enter the "GameFi" (game finance) stage in the future, where users' funds will become equipment used in DeFi games. GameFi is summarized as an equation: GameFi = DeFi + NFT + game. Specifically, DeFi is the core of GameFi, NFT is a necessary means of decentralization, and games are the shell of GameFi.

Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - November 22, 2021) - Recently, Mars Immigration Program (MIP) released the first Mars metaverse game. MIP is a metaverse next-generation game, which includes simulation, strategy, real-time strategy, and base construction. In the game, players will play the role of breaking walls and building Mars in an environment that simulates real Mars. Turn Mars from a desolate, lifeless "red fierce star" into a lively and livable extraterrestrial planet.

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In the Mars immigration plan, MIP strives to restore the most real Mars, desolate and lifeless, and the players participating in the Mars immigration plan must struggle to survive, maintain and build their own base in such a harsh environment. Therefore, every piece of land and construction equipment has its own independent value!

MIP is a huge and complex world, which brings huge reference data for real Martian immigration in the future. Participants in the entire Mars migration plan meta-universe will be epoch-making pioneers. It is still in its infancy, but the world is developing very rapidly. A large number of players have joined the world and contributed to the development of the world. Of course, they have also received rich returns. Therefore, the Mars Immigration Program is designed as a growth hormone to help the world mature.

Mars Immigration Program


In the PVE mode, the player obtains the resource mining rights here by occupying different resources. According to the player's level and experience, they can continuously occupy better and higher-quality resources.

The initial resource is unoccupied. When the first player occupies the resource, the player who stepped into the resource again will have a PK with the player occupying the resource. The winner will receive the resource mining reward. The mining reward is weighted according to the occupation time. calculate. Regardless of victory or defeat, it is regarded as the task of completing the resources here. Each time the occupier is challenged, he will consume 1 point of his own physical strength. The combat power will gradually decrease with the consumption of physical strength. Players can supplement their physical strength through props to maintain their own combat power.


In PVP, players select 5 characters to form a team, and then play against each other. Winners get more rewards, losers get a small amount of rewards, no tokens or points will be deducted. The winner will get points to improve his ranking.

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NFT Pre-Sale, Breaking Wall Plan Opened

MIP is looking for core players to work with to build and profoundly change the Mars Immigration Program. A game needs players. By simply playing the game, the player adds value to the universe network and deserves to be rewarded. This is simple, but revolutionary.

The Mars Immigration Program will implement the construction of the entire huge meta-universe game in three stages, the wall-breaking plan, the development plan and the final prosperity plan, and finally form a meta-universe ecosystem that is no less than, or even beyond, the earth. Here, users can find any kind of lifestyle that suits them, and use it to get their own value rewards!

NFT pre-sale

On November 24, 30 pioneers were pre-sold, and a plan to break the wall will be launched in the near future.

On November 27th, pre-sale 70 advancers.

After the wall-breaking phase starts, the Mars Aeronautics and Space Administration (MANA) will recruit 100 pioneers from all over the world as the first batch of original participants to start the first step of the wall-breaking phase. The first mover NFT will enjoy 4% base territory tax, 5% of the global game transaction tax part, and exclusive rewards for the MIP weighted share of the transaction part pledge. At the same time, you can also enjoy the entire network NFT transaction fee tax, token transaction slippage tax, and tax on the output of the trailblazer.

Trailblazers NFT players will be available in December. In the second step of the wall breaking phase, the pioneers also have the right to recruit Trailblazers to build a stronghold with themselves. Trailblazers, as the next batch of priority experiencers, enjoy their immigration NFT transaction fees and their immigration output tax, and they can also enjoy trading slippage tax.

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MIP token

MIP token is a native functional token of Mars Immigration Program based on the BSC chain. The expectation of MIP tokens is to make the incentive mechanism of game players more novel, interesting and attractive. The above mechanism has two main goals. One is by receiving rewards, players are encouraged to participate more in the game and at the same time encourage them to hold their own tokens. Other one is that encourage players to jointly build MARS and make the MARS environment global.

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The following is the overall picture of the Mars Immigration Program economic system.

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The following are detailed rules for the proportion of each sector.

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Liquidity supply

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Play to Earn

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Play to Earn issuance accounted for 45% of the total supply of MIP, accounting for the largest part of the entire economic system. The goal is to attract the majority of players to join the Mars Immigration Program ecosystem to earn token rewards and give ownership to the majority of players.

MIP envisions using Play to Earn tokens to reward key actions in the ecosystem, such as:

  1. Recruit players to join the Mars Immigration Program
  2. Build their own territory
  3. Compete on the battlefield and win the game
  4. Win a phased victory
  5. Interact with their territory and base and take care of them
  6. Use the Mars Immigration Program to trade the market
  7. Use other future products that have not yet been announced.

Play to Earn part of the allocated tokens can be regarded as the marketing budget of the Mars Immigration Program ecosystem. When some modes and products of the game are ready to be promoted, the token distribution for Play to Earn can be increased.

These allocations may be determined by the Autonomous Agency (DAO) over time.

The MIP tokens obtained through Play to Earn (play to earn) will be immediately open for trading in the initial stage, but MIP will pay close attention to the development of Mars, and the community will decide whether to lock this part of the reward.

Official website:
Twitter: @MGamefi
Cooperative organization: Binance/Metamask/CoinMarketCap

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