Cardano Community Members Join Bitrise coin

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - November 13, 2021) - The Cardano community joins Bitrise. Cardano is a blockchain platform that provides unmatched security and sustainability to decentralized applications, and systems. The Cardano team says that the Cardano platform is the first peer-review researched blockchain platform. Cardano promises to provide the most secure blockchain platform.

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Recently, Cardano has been receiving tough competition from new coins. Though Cardano has been around since October 2017. Among the new entrants competing with Cardano is Bitrise, a coin that is the fastest growing crypto in the market today. Launched on 28th July, Bitrise coin is now competing with Cardano.

Recently, Cardano community members have been joining Bitrise coin. This is where the competition between Cardano and Bitrise is most at. Bitrise has been accomplishing things Cardano took a while. With just 4 months since the token launch, Bitrise has done more than Cardano did in the same period.

Every crypto user looks for the next big opportunity, and Cardano members are no exception. The Bitrise team says they have a good product that is appealing to Cardano community members. Just like Cardano, the team is developing a blockchain-based platform, which is a DeFi protocol.

DeFi projects are the biggest things in the market today, and Cardano users find Bitrise a perfect opportunity. According to the team, Bitrise's decentralised finance system is attractive, which is why Cardano users are joining it. It will be the biggest thing in DeFi when completed, and Cardano members know it.


One factor attracting Cardano community members is the rewards Bitrise platform offers. Bitrise says it has more rewarding tokenomics than Cardano. Bitrise's innovative tokenomics is one of the reasons Cardano members are joining. First, Bitrise is a hyper-deflationary token. Therefore, Cardano users are assured of its diminishing volumes in the pool. The token increases in value due to high demand.

Bitrise has been distributing 4% of the 12% tax charged token sale transactions to token holders, including Cardano community members. All Cardano members in Bitrise will get BNBs in their wallets for just holding $BRISE.

The team is planning to launch staking by the end of November 2021, and the move has attracted Cardano members. The 80%APY revenue share is also attracting many crypto members. Cardano staking platform is yet to be launched.

As a Defi project, Bitrise is releasing multiple products for its network users. Cardano blockchain will also have products in its ecosystem. But the Cardano team has not been as fast as Bitrise. Already, Bitrise has Bitrise Audits, Techrate Audit and Bitrise dApp wallet

The team is also positive that more Cardano members will join after a successful staking process. The number of Cardano members joining has also been rising fast, according to the Bitrise team.

Bitrise platform is developing more decentralised products that will make it more appealing to Cardano and other crypto community members. The team has confirmed the development of the exchange, which will bring more Cardano community members.

Just like Cardano, Bitrise will be launching a blockchain program. So unlike Cardano, Bitrise blockchain will also host the Bitrise DeFi protocol. This will increase revenues and the passive income for Cardano and other crypto members joining the coin.

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