EMBR Raises $1.5M in Under 3 Hours to Ignite Blockchain IDO Launchpad

November 13, 2021 12:15 PM EST | Source: Vehement Media Private Limited

EMBR, a CeDeFi (centralized, decentralized finance) launchpad and ecosystem that makes crypto all-in-one, understandable, and empowering, successfully raised $1.5 million during their private presale in under three hours. The team is developing a new gateway to a decentralized world that they believe can be improved in critical consumer touchpoints: simple apps and deeply audited, ultra-secure technology that forms an inclusive and resource-rich environment for both fledgling and mature crypto projects, hosted and nurtured by Embr.

Mountain View, California--(Newsfile Corp. - November 13, 2021) - EMBR's proprietary smart-contract models make it safer and more secure for investors and aspiring entrepreneurs to buy, own, and sell tokens. This technology, however, is not exclusive to EMB. Any startup that launches on the platform will be able to use these products to run their businesses with a secure end-to-end ecosystem that Hacken, a best-in-class, blockchain-focused security consultancy, has rigorously audited and deemed safe.

Jason Dominique, Chief Strategy Officer, explains the organization's unique mission to enable entrepreneurs by unifying the hyper-fragmented instability of today's crypto communication and launchpad channels:

"From day one, we knew that enabling entrepreneurs to launch their projects in the DeFi space as easily as setting up a Kickstarter campaign and facilitating their discovery could ignite an unprecedented worldwide phenomenon. Bigger than crowdfunding. This is why we wanted to create a centralized gateway (CeDeFi) for entrepreneurs to launch their blockchain-powered startups."

Similarly, CEO Andrew Cunningham speaks of the shortcomings in the DeFi space that the team has experienced directly on the end-user side of the equation:

"The products we are creating are important because they don't exist yet, and as an end-user, I wish they did. There is no crypto social, there is no easy-to-use app, there is no launchpad that combines community with projects. So we are working not just to build a new project, but a community of passionate holders."

"The journey from ideation to launch of a blockchain-powered startup is a monumental feat, even for the most veteran of entrepreneurs," remarks Dominique when speaking to the pain points of creating cryptocurrencies with long-term value. "By eliminating the friction and overhead of developing your fundraising infrastructure and secure smart contracts, we're making this whole process far more accessible to everyone. Successfully raising 1.5M USD from our private presale in under 3 hours is not only proof that our proprietary launchpad technology works flawlessly-it is a testament that investors recognize the massive opportunity gap."

A unique priority EMBR emphasized during their private sale was to explain the purpose of their token's vesting schedule in a way that people who know nothing about crypto could easily decode. This transparency is usually overlooked by IDOs looking for short-term profits over long-term innovation. So instead, EMBR utilizes; there vesting to mitigate massive price swings and sell-offs like those from projects that don't deliver what they've promised.

With a decentralized social media platform, a launchpad, and a monumental app on the way that transforms token swapping and payment utility into a clean, fluid process, EMBR is moving at the speed of crypto. Moreover, to solve the problem of fragmentation between applications within the crypto-sphere, the number of people benefiting globally from DeFi can increase exponentially to previously unseen levels.

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