Squid Game Coin Community Members Join Bitrise Coin

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - November 12, 2021) - Inspired by the Netflix series, Squid Game Coin was one of the latest entries into the crypto market. The series did so well, and that made it possible for Squid Game Coin to penetrate the market easily. But a few days ago, Squid Game Coin got the rug pulled.

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With Squid Game Coin's rug pulled, its investors are now joining Bitrise coin everyday; more than 4000+ have joined Bitrise coin in the past 7 days.

Bitrise coin was launched on 28th July 2021, and a look at the charts shows that the coin has been doing well. Squid Game Coin investors feel they have a good opportunity to invest in the coin which is relatively new, just over three months old, and still affordable.

There is more to the Bitrise coin that is appealing to Squid Game Coin investors than its market history. The team is developing a decentralised global payment network that will be the next big thing in DeFI. Let's look at its whitepaper to see what will make Bitrise one of the biggest players in DeFi and a very attractive coin.

Bitrise Tokenomics

Bitrise coin has an innovative tokenomics that aims at rewarding investors in a big way. This fact alone will make the coin super appealing to Squid Game Coin investors. According to the whitepaper, Bitrise is a hyper-deflationary token, which means the number of tokens in circulation will reduce with time to create demand. It is a clever way for the team to keep the token value high by constantly creating a demand.

The team burned 57% of the quadrillion tokens upon launching. Only 38% went to the liquidity pool, which is available to investors. The Bitrise team developed a buyback smart contract to maintain the token demand. The contract automatically buys tokens from the liquidity pool and burns them immediately.

The funds to buy back tokens in the pool comes from the 12% tax on all token sell transactions. The 5% of the tax is sent to the buyback contract to buy tokens in liquidity and burn them. Token holders will benefit directly from the increasing token value.

The 4% of the tax is distributed as BNB rewards to investors for just holding the token holders. The reward distribution system is automated, with BNBs sent to the token holders' wallets automatically every 60 minutes. Such innovative tokenomics will attract Squid Game investors.

Bitrise Ecosystem

The Bitrise team is developing a range of products for the network. For DeFI projects, more products on the network mean more revenue and more returns for the investors. With multiple products in its ecosystem, Bitrise will be positioning itself as one of the best crypto coins for Squid Game Coin investors.

The project roadmap shows a list of products the team is developing. Bitrise Audit, which is the network's audit tool, was launched in August and is already running. The program offers free audits to smart contracts and blockchain.

Bitrise dApp Wallet is another product the team launched on 28th October and has been doing very. It is a mobile app wallet that users have hailed for its impressive functionalities. Users will send, receive, store and swap various cryptocurrencies with this wallet. The Beta 2 version of this mobile app wallet is available on Google Play Store.

Other Bitrise products coming up soon include Bitrise Exchange and a blockchain. The team announced the launch of the network's revenue sharing staking program and a staking process. All these products will generate a lot of revenues that will be shared with investors. This is the kind of crypto investments Squid Game Coin investors will be looking for.

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