Bitrise Coin The Next Big Thing In 2022

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - November 10, 2021) - Bitrise coin the next big thing in 2022 - There are many facets of the Bitrise crypto coin that experts have looked at to come to this conclusion. Already, the coin is projected to end the year as the fastest-growing crypto coin. But what are the main factors driving the projected growth.

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Two critical areas make the Bitrise coin stand out as one of the biggest coins of 2022. They are the tokenomics and the network's products. The former defines token quality, while the latter influences earnings made from the staking process.

On tokenomics, Bitrise coin stands out as one of the most attractive tokens in the market today. It is a hyper-deflationary token, and thus the demand and price of the token will automatically rise with every sale of the tokens in the pool. Immediately after launch, the team burnt 50% of the quadrillion tokens to stimulate scarcity.

To regulate tokens in the liquidity pool, Bitrise induces scarcity using an automated buyback and burning process. It is the first cryptocurrency to include automatic Buyback with an actual use case of payment systems. This is a unique feature that has given the token an edge in the crypto market.

Every 5% of the 12% fee charged sell transaction is sent into the buyback contract to automatically buy tokens from the liquidity pool. The purchased tokens are burnt immediately. This is how the Bitrise crypto coin has improved transparency in liquidity control.

When it comes to rewarding investors, Bitrise coin has one of the best approaches. 4% of the 12% fee is distributed to the token holders in BNBs. The rewards are sent to token holder wallets automatically every 60 minutes.

Bitrise crypto coin has some of the best decentralised products on the market. The team has so far released Bitrise Audits and Techrate Audit in August as the first products, and the Bitrise dApp wallets end October. The Wallet has the Beta 2 version, which recorded thousands of downloads during the first week of listing. The Bitrise exchange and IBitrise blockchain are among the upcoming products.

The Bitrise team announced the launch of the staking process, which will start immediately after the launch of the network's revenue sharing staking program. Investors will share 80% APY of the revenues generated from the products such as Bitrise Audit, dApp wallet, Bitrise exchange, and others.

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