Safemoon, Metahero & Evegrow Competitor Bitrise Coin to Launch Revenue Sharing Staking Program

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - November 2, 2021) - The competition between crypto coins in the market has gone a notch higher in 2021. Many new coins are doing pretty well in the market, like Safemoon, Metahero, Evegrow, and Bitrise coin. Among all these coins, Bitrise coin is among the newest and has quickly become one the most talked-about coins due to consistent rise in value for the last few months.

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Launched at the end of July, the coin has recorded a huge increase in value and its market cap. Just like Safemoon, Metahero, Evegrow, and other fast-rising coins of 2021, Bitrise coin is proving a force to reckon with. There are many investors that are sitting at thousands and millions of dollars in profits from $BRISE.

Crypto experts have been saying that the Bitrise coin will be the next "Safemoon" because of the rate at which the coin's value is increasing. The coin has been competing with Safemoon, Metahero, Evegrow, and other tokens due to its innovative tokenomics and utility products, among other aspects.

Now Bitrise coin is taking the competition a notch higher with the launch of its revenue sharing staking program. The program will be one of the biggest milestones to this crypto project and will increase its competitiveness against Safemoon, Metahero, Evegrow, and many other coins even further.

One of the biggest reasons why most cryptocurrencies fail is because of their inability to share their growth with token holders. Bitrise coin is avoiding this mistake by making $BRISE token holders feel like part of the project by sharing revenues generously. The program will enable all token holders to enjoy appropriate income according to the weight of their investments.

The revenue sharing staking program to be launched is one of the most generous in the market. The team will be sharing revenue generated through projects' products upon the launch of the staking process. The main products that are generating income at the moment are Bitrise wallet and Bitrise Audits, but in the near future, Bitrise exchange will add to the revenues the team will be sharing with token holders.

The most exciting thing about this revenue sharing staking program is the percentage of revenues that token owners will be getting. According to the information released by the team, they will be sharing 80% APY of the generated revenue on the network. This includes generated from the Bitrise Audits, Bitrise dApp wallet, and other products on the network.

This is definitely a good income, and it will make the token a tougher competitor to Safemoon, Metahero, and Evegrow. This is because these perks will attract more crypto investors. There are very few projects that are this generous in their revenue sharing with token holders. With 80% APY up for sharing, it means the more tokens investors stake, the more income they earn. This will get more people to stake their coins, and in return, the network will be faster and more secure. This is considering the network runs on a PoS protocol.

In addition to the 80%APY of the generated revenues, token holders will also enjoy the BNB rewards. Therefore, the total income will be a share of the revenues generated by the products plus the rewards for holding the tokens. The payment will be sent automatically into the wallets of the staked token holders.

With the launch of the revenue sharing staking program, the value of the Bitrise coin will increase by huge margins. More investors will join the coin, especially after the launch of the staking program. This includes members from Safemoon, Metahero, and Evegrow community because the Bitrise dApp wallet can support all of these tokens.

For cryptocurrency investors, the Bitrise coin is the real deal. The coin has a bunch of incredible products that will make it super competitive to most of the hot coins today, including Safemoon, Metahero, and Evegrow.

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