EverETH is Recording a Total of $1.5M in Ethereum Reflections

London, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - October 31, 2021) -  EverETH was established to generate passive revenue for the community. Simply holding EverETH in the wallet will earn Ethereum. The project represents a totally decentralized, open-source platform that is entirely driven by the community. The more EverETH owned, the more ETH will get automatically in the wallet.

Holding EverETH is more profitable than an Ethereum mining rig because EverETH is a reflection token. Every transaction is automatically activated by the smart contract to counteract any major sell-offs or general market volatility.

For example, an Ethereum mining rig will costs around 3000 USD, and return of investment will be less than what 3000 USD worth of EverETH will generate. The following features sustain this theory:

● 8% of every buy/sell is seized and redistributed in Ethereum (BEP-20) to all EverETH holders. No need to claim earned Ethereum. It's automatically sent to the wallet.

● As more tokens are acquired, the token's exclusivity increases, boosting the value of the EverETH holdings. Because EverETH is entirely decentralized, there is no single primary owner of the coin, or in other words the token is own by the community.

● One distinguishing quality of the project is that the developers are upfront about their ambitions for the money. EverETH intends to grow further into the crypto sector by producing new goods to secure the token's long-term viability. The EverETH community is strong and expanding regularly. The EverETH team consists of a talented collection of developers, designers, and moderators who constantly are working for the project.

Account and return on investment

The EverETH token is the primary connection and central core of the EverETH ecosystem.

EverETH tokens may be used to access all the advanced functionalities inside the ecosystem. The development team is currently implementing a series of new features such as EverETH wallet, EverETH staking and the EverETH NFT marketplace. As a trust indicator two important names from the industry, Techrate and CertiK, have extensively examined and validated EverETH's smart contract and they concluded that there is no security breaches in the contract. The ecosystem provides the possibility to evaluate the return of investment based on the amount of tokens owned and the daily volume (see EverEth.app).

EverETH's major ranking factor is the 24h volume change. This allowed EverETH to reach Top 10 trending coins on several platforms such as CoinMarketCap or Dextools. Because the nature of currencies is undulatory, there is a significant chance for EverEth to reach an all-time high price again in the future.


The EverETH community is expanding regularly and the project value is likely to climb more as scarcity encourages price increases.

EverETH intends to grow further into the crypto sector by producing new goods to secure the token's long-term viability.

More research can be done about EverETH on their official website: EverETH.net or by joining their active community on telegram: https://t.me/EverETHofficial

Media Contact:
Name: EverETH
Website: https://EverETH.net
City & Country: London, UK
Email: support@evereth.net

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