Centaurify & MLabs Announces Partnership to Boost the DeTi Sector

Stockholm, Sweden--(Newsfile Corp. - October 23, 2021) - Centaurify has partnered with MLabs to achieve its ambitions to democratize the music sector and essentially lead the Decentralized Ticketing revolution. Decentralized Ticketing, popularly abbreviated as DeTi is one of the concepts that exist solely because of blockchain technology. The concept is straightforward and utilizes the blockchain's immutability, transparency, and smart contracts to create the perfect ticketing system.

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MLabs is the perfect partner for Centaurify because it is a Haskell oriented developer company that is filled to the brim with Haskell & Cardano experts.

Even though DeTi has already surfaced in the Ethereum space Ethereum's blockchain limitations will certainly hinder this sorely needed revolution in the music & ticketing industry.

Cardano checks all the boxes for the ability to not just revolutionize the music & ticketing industry but also every commercial and non-commercial sector. This is why both MLabs and Centaurify chose to build on that blockchain.


Cardano is a Proof of Stake blockchain that is super efficient as well as fully peer-reviewed. Not only that but Cardano is also utilizing the Haskell programming language which offers maximum security because of the way it was designed. In short, Haskell is a functional language that has its roots in both academia and the study of logic that was created to provide the best results in correct code execution.

Correct code execution is immensely important, especially in the finance & payment sector where unexpected or incorrect code execution can create catastrophic value loss. A good recent example happened on the Ethereum blockchain that has its smart contracts written in Solidity. The incorrect code execution 'misplaced' 90 million USD that was intended for the development of the platform Compound.

The significance of emphasizing correct code execution has been recognized by many experts prior to the IOHK team which has resulted in a large body of useful tools and libraries that Haskell developers created over the years.

This foundation that no other blockchain possesses made both MLabs and Centaurify teams realize that to build for the future is to build on Cardano.

The Centaurify & MLabs Partnership

There are many partnerships popping up every week in the Cardano system, but this partnership is not one to miss. MLabs actively collaborates with the company that is leading the development of the Cardano protocol itself IOHK. They also collaborate and build solutions for Liqwid Finance, Cardano foundation, and many others.

MLabs will not only collaborate with the Centaurify team, but will also build the entire platform with all its features from the ground up. This will certainly be news to celebrate by enthusiastic Centaurify supporters as the project is now essentially backed by MLabs team's expertise.

Despite Cardano's rapid growth in popularity, Haskell is ranked 28th on the Popularity of Programming Languages Index, which is determined by data from the Google Trends service. With the advent of DeFi within the Cardano ecosystem it is reasonable to assume Haskell builders will become harder and harder to find. However, MLabs with its 29 Haskell experts will make sure that the Centaurify project never lacks Haskell expertise.

Building the platform

The platform is much more than a ticketing system; it is a combination of multiple different systems that will offer users a multitude of utilities and benefits. The fusion of features and services will also be executed by the MLabs team which can assure all potential users of the platform that the product will be secure, efficient, and that it will perform far beyond reasonable expectations.

Some of the utilities that MLabs will be building with Centaurify, aside from the decentralized ticketing system is the NFT system which will create additional revenue streams for creators as well as the anti-scalping & anti-fraud smart contracts measures. The latter will resolve a persistent and painful problem of the music & performing industry!

Other notable core systems of the platform that will be built by MLabs are the reflection on NFT purchases and resales mechanism as well as the entire frontend that is to be the Centaurify's sleek and easy-to-use User Interface.

There is much more to the Centaurify platform than what is covered in this article. To find out more follow Centaurify social media channels and read other comprehensive articles that are available!

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