This NFT Collection SOLD OUT in a Record Breaking 10 Minutes With Over $3M in Sales

San Francisco, California--(Newsfile Corp. - October 21, 2021) - The Red Panda Squad NFT project sold out in a record breaking 10 minutes bringing in over three million dollars in sales to the founding team. Transforming the face of the crypto industry for the better, the Red Panda Squad is a group of fluffy red pandas who live on the Solana network. These adorable creatures were created by a well-known and talented Florida-based artist JK. To date, the team has funded $50,000 for endangered red pandas while also establishing the Red Panda DAO, a primary center in the Solana ecosystem for mutual investment, project incubation, and Red Panda RPG game organization. The collection features a total of 10,000 algorithmically generated, one-of-a-kind red panda NFTs with a floor of 3 SOL and over 8 million dollars in volume on the main NFT marketplace.

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Red Pandas are intelligent animals that live safely away from humans in the bamboo jungles of the Himalayan and Heng-Duan Mountains. As there are only about 10,000 red pandas left in the world today, RPS has taken it upon themselves to bring 10,000 of these fluffy critters into the crypto arena for everyone to adopt and watch their NFT in the first ever animated series on Solana. This series will revolve around the main character Seba. As we follow the show, items that Seba interacts with will be airdropped in the form of NFTs to Red Panda Holders from the Red Panda Genesis 2 Collection, dropping late 2021. Along with news of this epic animated series is the launch of their private club website this month which only holders of the Red Panda NFT will have access to. The private club will include the ability to order RPS merch customised for each Red Panda NFT with global shipping. A leaderboard of top RPS holders will give the opportunity for dedicated members of the community to receive weekly rewards. The Red Panda Squad Game (RPSG), launching in 2022, will allow holders of the Red Panda NFT to play and earn in the metaverse. Each NFT will obtain access to RPSG, where they will be able to explore the planet of Solana with their Red Panda.

Most recently they have initiated a unique Red Panda graffiti street art campaign with SER aka Darren Cullen of the London-based Graffiti Kings This will start its journey in the Banksy Tunnel in London. The next event coming up for the RPS is their October Halloween Event where holders of certain traits of red pandas will have the chance to win a free airdrop of unique NFTs from their Halloween Red Panda Collection.

If you want to adopt a Red Panda, you can do so through Solana NFT marketplaces listed on the Red Panda Squad website such as Solanart or Alpha Art. If you already own a Red Panda NFT you will want to connect with the Red Panda Squad on Twitter and join their private DAO channels on Discord to stay up to date on announcements and new developments in the project.

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