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Comprehensive disclosure

Our newswire's distribution reaches thousands of points comprising of media, analysts, investors and market participants:

  • Online financial databases and content aggregators
  • Major broker terminals including Thomson Reuters Eikon, Thomson One, and Bloomberg Terminal
  • Key financial institutions, analysts and investment dealers
  • Online media databases and news sites including Yahoo! Finance and Stockwatch
  • Social media and mobile trading platforms
  • Industry-specific trades, websites, analysts and media

In addition to reach, we provide tools and options to help you get the most from your news distribution:

  • Multimedia: enhance your press release with embedded pictures, maps, graphs and even video
  • Reporting and Statistics: measure the reach and effectiveness of each news release
  • Fax and email broadcasting: manage private lists that can be included with news distribution
  • International options: expand your reach to Europe and Asia
Newswire services for TSX, NYSE, and NASDAQ listed companies.

TSX, NYSE and Nasdaq Listed Issuers

A broad distribution suited for TSX, NYSE, and NASDAQ listed companies. A few key highlights relevant to these issuers include:

  • TSX Approved: We are authorized by the TSX to distribute news releases on behalf of TSX listed companies
  • Direct Feeds: We send press releases directly to Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, and Dow Jones, the leading news services that power Bloomberg Terminal, Thomson Eikon, and Factiva
News distribution services for TSX-V, CSE, and OTC listed companies.

TSX-V, CSE and OTC Listed Issuers

A broad distribution suited to TSX-V, CSE, and OTC listed companies includes:

  • Value: The same TSX recognized distribution that we give our large issuers is given to you
  • Exposure: Deliver your stories to where your investors are, including Yahoo! Finance, Stockwatch, and the iPhone
  • Analytics: Statistics on who's reading your news releases, where they're reading it and who's opening your emails
Newswire services for distributing private company press releaes.

Private Companies

A powerful news distribution option for private companies. Get the word out to potential investors, customers, and anyone who might want to learn more about your enterprise:

  • Profile Building: Build a historical timeline of announcements in key databases and recognized news sites
  • Awareness: Grow awareness of your company, products, and achievements
Newswire services for government and non-profit / not for profit organizations.

Government and Associations

A distribution that targets media and journalists covering the activities of governments and associations:

  • Include a picture and increase likelihood of media "pick-up"
  • Includes relevant industry trades and media covering those industries

Disclosure Levels

Choose your level of distribution with one of our pre-built packages.


  • Delivery to hundreds of recipients including Yahoo! Finance, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Factiva, GlobeInvestor, Stockhouse, TMX Money, Kitco, and Stockwatch
  • French language news releases forwarded to Canadian media and financial databases


  • Includes all of the disclosure points in our Standard distribution
  • Delivery to additional financial databases including European sites


  • Includes all of the disclosure points in our Enhanced distribution
  • Delivery to additional financial databases including Asian sites

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