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  • Business Development Manager of All Western Mortgage, Arjun Dhingra Announces Launch of Disruptive Services for Mortgage Industry

    San Francisco, California--(Newsfile Corp. - August 18, 2022) - All Western Mortgage, a pioneer in the money-lending business, has announced groundbreaking services in an attempt to renovate the way the mortgage industry operates in contemporary times from a sales and service standpoint. The services don't just include quick pre-approvals, in-house underwriting, on-time closing, and a banking division to offer individuals competitive interest rates - all of that is standard in this industry. What All Western Mortgage allow for -...

    2022-08-18 4:26 AM EDT
  • Michael Ferrera Custom Clothing Announces New Luxury Womenswear Clothing Line for 2022

    Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - August 16, 2022) - Michael Ferrera Custom Clothing recently announced a new womenswear clothing line for 2022. The fashion brand plans to launch exclusive details through the official website soon. According to the president and fashion designer Michael Ferrera, "The 2022 luxury line will revolutionize womenswear fashion." Being a LA Fashion Award winner, Michael Ferrera takes pride in his avant-garde fashion designs. The successful fashion brand is committed to designing the best of the best...

    2022-08-16 5:14 AM EDT
  • Coronavirus-Hit Business Catercow Offers Unique Group Ordering That Promotes Hygiene Against COVID-19 and Individual Meal Choice

    New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - August 16, 2022) - CaterCow, an online office catering service, has introduced a 'group ordering' feature on their website to promote good hygiene against COVID-19 while giving individual employees more meal choice. The feature allows each employee (or person) from a group to choose their own meal with the food being delivered in individually-packaged containers with their name on it.Sean Li

    2022-08-16 5:14 AM EDT
  • Wave Wyld Media Offers Innovative Courses That Can Help Many Master TikTok Algorithms

    New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - July 21, 2022) - Wave Wyld Media has added new and innovative courses in its mission to educate newcomers and businesses about TikTok and its algorithms in order to build a personal brand and expand customer base. The courses are specifically aimed at teaching expert tips and tricks on personal branding and winning marketing strategies. Wave WyldTop of the list of courses is Beat the TikTok Algorithm course. Designed for both individuals striving to build...

    2022-07-21 6:21 AM EDT
  • Impact Business Investment Group Announces Funds For Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

    New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - July 18, 2022) - Impact Business Investment Group announces funds for organizations and businesses that aim to create a positive social or environmental impact.Jonathan Tjoa AlgreenIBIG actively seeks new social entrepreneurs and start-ups with ideas or business models that pledge to eradicate poverty and build a better planet. With a history of working with sustainable and environmentally friendly

    2022-07-18 5:37 AM EDT
  • The Autoimmune Revolution Introduces 'Illuminating Darkness Trauma Course' For Women

    Denton, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - July 18, 2022) - The Autoimmune Revolution is introducing a trauma course, "Illuminating Darkness & Transforming Traumatic Pain," aimed at resolving trauma-related issues, especially in women. This self-guided trauma healing course comprises 12 modules, each dissecting one specific aspect of trauma and providing a strategy to heal it. The course includes a range of learning materials, including video lectures from the founder, Justin Janoska, totaling more than eight hours of time duration.

    2022-07-18 3:49 AM EDT
  • Millions of People to Benefit with the Launch of Posthubb, an Innovative Intelligent Parcel-Receiving Device

    New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - June 21, 2022) - Posthubb announces the launch of a groundbreaking and innovative device. will help millions of people around the globe in receiving an errorless parcel delivery; an issue that is considered one of the big pain points in the consumers' life when receiving parcels. An all weather electronic waterproof box-like device with multiple features, Posthubb is designed to receive a parcel from any courier delivery service instead of the customer themselves, ensuring...

    2022-06-21 9:50 AM EDT
  • Founder of Great by Design, Aariah Woods, Launches Another Dropshipping Course to Empower Marketers

    Decatur, Georgia--(Newsfile Corp. - June 13, 2022) - Great by Design by Aariah Woods rolls out another program for aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers to start dropshipping with little to no experience.Aariah WoodsDropshipping remains a profitable business. The market valuation of the dropshipping industry is expected to touch $557.9 billion by 2025. However, many declare it a saturated market requiring effective marketing strategies and ever-evolving tactics to succeed. The leading coach and entrep

    2022-06-13 6:02 AM EDT