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  • IRALOGIX Releases New Technology in a Bid to Update Outlook on Retirement Funds

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania--(Newsfile Corp. - July 17, 2022) - IRALOGIX, a leading provider of cloud-based technology is changing the retirement industry with their engagement-focused IRA program which helps foster tax-deferred growth, whereby contributors only need to start contributing when they start taking distributions at age 72. Joe Hipsky, Co-Founder and CSO of IRALOGIX

    2022-07-17 5:55 PM EDT
  • Singer Wealth Announces Its Inflation-proof Investment Strategy

    Boca Raton, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - June 22, 2022) -  Singer Wealth, an independent financial services company that advises investors and helps them to create growth and income strategies, has revealed its new strategy for those wanting to keep their money both safe and liquid. The firm announced its use of no-load life insurance contracts, which provide investors with a low-risk means of achieving growth while still being able to withdraw funds at any time.As the US inflation rate escalated to...

    2022-06-22 1:43 PM EDT
  • Nolah Redefining Sleep with Introduction of AirFoam Technology

    Greenwood Village, Colorado--(Newsfile Corp. - June 10, 2022) - Nolah is merging various foam formulations and leveraging latest technologies in order to create temperate neutral mattresses for better sleep. AirFoam is a patented material that has gone through rigorous testing to ensure durability and efficiency. A representative from Nolah explains why AirFoam outperforms conventional materials, "Memory Foam and Latex were great discoveries and inventions of their time but should be considered outdated. Memory Foam might be comfortable, but it will...

    2022-06-10 12:50 PM EDT
  • Travelshift Scaling Internationally with New CEO at Helm

    Reykjavik, Iceland--(Newsfile Corp. - May 27, 2022) - Icelandic travel technology company, Travelshift, specialises in trips to Europe, offering their clients and wanderlusters a convenient and painless experience booking and planning their itinerary. Travel has always been a lucrative industry, but when COVID-19 shook the world, it brought borders to a close and the once thriving industry crawled to a stop. It would have been one thing for travel agencies to shut their doors and quite another to keep them...

    2022-05-27 12:17 PM EDT
  • Clean Energy Solutions' Unique Selling Proposition Results in the Company's Remarkable 12,000 Percent Growth

    Washington, D.C.--(Newsfile Corp. - May 11, 2022) - Clean Energy Solutions, a solar energy company based out in California, has managed to grow itself by 12,000 percent since its inception in 2014. A remarkable feat mainly attributed to its unique sales proposition (USP)--providing the essential solar panels and charging clients only for the energy generated and used over a certain period. The move has allowed the company to revolutionize the way renewable energy is delivered to a US household--a highly...

    2022-05-11 3:48 AM EDT
  • XOXO Changing the Online Dating Landscape to Solve Dating Fatigue

    New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - April 28, 2022) -  XOXO is a new dating app designed to solve the fatigue of online dating with a fun solution. Users are given a totem to represent their personality type instead of having to rely solely on their profile pictures. XOXO has also implemented fun elements into the app where users can collect XP and level up so that users remain active and engaged on the platform. Unlike other apps, it is...

    2022-04-28 11:21 AM EDT
  • CMG Companies Philanthropic Foray Fueled by Franchising Business Model

    Dallas, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - April 26, 2022) - Franchising company, CMG Companies (CMG), has established itself as a key industry leader in the franchising industry and are leading the path towards philanthropy with their latest endeavors. The franchising industry grows more profitable each year, and in 2022 alone the output of franchise businesses is forecast to increase by 4.9% to $826.6 billion.With a portfolio that spans across various restaurants, retail, hotels and sports teams, the Dallas-based firm has grand plans for...

    2022-04-26 2:07 PM EDT
  • Guide Education Is Modernizing The Classroom With Deep Fakes

    London, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - April 21, 2022) - Guide Education is re-purposing deep fakes and using them to enrich classrooms and curriculums. The company is dedicated to the vision of making education much more purposeful and efficient by developing Guide Avatars, a technology that will allow leaders within schools to transmit their vision, beliefs, newsletters, and positivity in various languages to their wider school community. "Imagine," says Leon Hady, founder of Guide Education, "kids being taught personalized lessons by...

    2022-04-21 9:50 AM EDT