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  • Slamcoin Unveils Slamchat, the New Platform Taking over Social NFT

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates--(Newsfile Corp. - November 25, 2021) - Slamcoin, the new disruptive social (NFT) platform announced today the completion of a successful round 1 financing that took place in a record 59 seconds. More than boosting the company's valuation, the funds will be used for the scaling and acceleration of the company's growth through the development of more interesting features and fostering creative technology that will enhance the platform's capabilities. The funding round was led by Slamcoin's partners,...

    2021-11-25 7:11 AM EST
  • Sincity Metaverse Launched Game on NFT Space

    Tortola, British Virgin Islands--(Newsfile Corp. - November 25, 2021) - Sincity Metaverse announced a gaming platform on NFT space and the theme of the game makes Sincity an R-rated metaverse as players are forced to build and commit various crimes in order to become a boss. Users can even present their games in a virtual world so friends can get together, play and compete. Sin City Metaverse immerses users in a blockchain-based 3D open world where players create, experiment and...

    2021-11-25 6:46 AM EST
  • UpFund to launch on the Binance Smart Chain

    Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - November 25, 2021) - -- UpFund Token, a unified investment protocol, is launching on Binance Smart Chain.UpFund TokenTo view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit:

    2021-11-25 4:20 AM EST
  • CME Solar Investments Partners responsAbility to Ramp Up Expansion, Bring More Sustainable Values

    Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam--(Newsfile Corp. - November 25, 2021) - Driven by the growing importance of sustainability investing and the large opportunity presented by the Vietnam market as well as strong policy supports from the government, several green power developers are gearing up to expand their operations by partnering with global investors who are increasingly evincing interest in Vietnam’s renewable energy.CME Solar Investments

    2021-11-25 3:28 AM EST
  • The Moon Rabbit Community Has Replenished with Famous People from the World of Show Business and Cryptocurrency

    Belize City, Belize--(Newsfile Corp. - November 25, 2021) - In 2016, Vitalik Buterin received a large amount of Dogecoin ($ DOGE) and Shiba ($ SHIB) meme tokens. The creators of the tokens transferred meme tokens to the wallet of the co-founder of Ethereum. Subsequently, other token issuers began donating certain amounts of their tokens to Vitalik Buterin.Vitalik Buterin

    2021-11-25 2:22 AM EST
  • Polker Team to Display Metaverse Ecosystem Live at DCentral Miami Blockchain Expo

    Tallinn, Estonia--(Newsfile Corp. - November 24, 2021) - Blockchain gaming metaverse, Polker, has revealed that it will be attending the DCentral Miami conference set to take place from November 30 to December 1. PolkerTo view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit:https://

    2021-11-24 4:24 PM EST
  • BNB Shinobi Launches with Its Unique Rewards Contract and Plans to Build an Infinitely Expanding Metaverse

    Sacramento, California--(Newsfile Corp. - November 24, 2021) - BNB Shinobi - a platform based on Binance Smart Chain, which has a unique smart contract that allows receiving rewards for the native token $CHAKRA and/ or any BEP-20 cryptocurrency of the user's choice. The BNB Shinobi team has launched its first arcade game and has plans to launch its own play to earn (p2e) Metaverse in the style of "Naruto".

    2021-11-24 4:15 PM EST
  • Pioneering DEX Launches on XinFin XDC Network: Introducing XSWAP Protocol

    London, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - November 24, 2021) - As UniSwap is to Ethereum (ETH) and PancakeSwap is to Binance (BNB), XSWAP is to Xinfin (XDC). XSWAP ProtocolTo view an enhanced version of this graphic, please

    2021-11-24 11:23 AM EST