Yr Plans Inc.

Vision & Mission To create better financial outcomes for Canadian workers, we build, and market employer solutions designed to attract and retain a skilled workforce. The Smart Benefit is Canada's first enterprise solution for employer assisted student loan repayment.

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  • Calgary Startup Yr Plans Announces Pilot Partnership with Sun Life

    Calgary, Alberta--(Newsfile Corp. - July 26, 2021) - Yr Plans Inc. announced a pilot partnership today with Sun Life to help Canadians repay student debt and take control of their financial future. Yr Plans is the first platform in Canada offering this service, which allocates part of employees' retirement savings contributions to repay student loans. More than half of post-secondary graduates enter the workforce with an average $28,000 in student debt, joining the 2.2 million Canadians with a student loan....

    2021-07-26 9:00 AM EDT