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  • Laimou Cultural Town Landscape Unveiled in the Middle of Chinese City of Yantai

    Yantai, Shandong, China--(Newsfile Corp. - May 19, 2022) - On 1st May 2022, a giant landscape was unveiled in the middle of the Northern Chinese city. According to Yantai Yeda Economic Development Group, the joint developer of the project, the newly built landscape was built on a site of architectural ruins. Laimou Cultural Town LandscapeTo vi

    2022-05-19 4:28 AM EDT
  • College Students in Jishou University Talk to Chinese Folk Miao Painting Master

    Jishou, Hunan, China--(Newsfile Corp. - May 13, 2022) - The Chinese national intangible cultural heritage Miao Painting master Liang Desong said to Tan Mingling, "Miao Paintings are vital to me; they are not only the preciously ancient cultural legacy but also the spirit of one nation." On May 9, four people from the School of Literature and Journalism, Jishou University, including Tan Mingling, came to Qianzhou, Jishou (the capital of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province) for a...

    2022-05-13 8:31 AM EDT
  • Galaxy Blitz Launches NFT Mystery Box Sale in GameFi

    Helsinki, Finland--(Newsfile Corp. - May 10, 2022) - This week, the most anticipated GameFi project, Galaxy Blitz, released details of a huge upcoming NFT mystery box offering. Galaxy Blitz NFT mystery boxes of different rarities will be on sale across a number of internationally renowned exchanges and launchpads, including Binance NFT, OKX, 1BOX (Huobi NFT),, LBank, NFTb, Synapse Network, Babylons and the Galaxy Blitz website. Galaxy Blitz NFTs possess an abundance of utility and can be used to progress...

    2022-05-10 11:50 AM EDT
  • Firework Games Receives $1M Investment from Animoca Brands

    Hong Kong, China--(Newsfile Corp. - April 20, 2022) - To accelerate development of open metaverse, the Firework Games universe is expanding as they find more allies to join them on their mission to build a free-to-play, play-to-earn gaming platform based on NFTs. The team is busy designing and constructing the immersive metaverse as well as their first game: SPARK ERA. The company has received a $1M investment from Animoca Brands that gives their interstellar task force an extra boost.The...

    2022-04-20 3:00 AM EDT
  • Galaxy Blitz Announces Successful Sell-out of $500,000 Mystery Boxes on Binance NFT

    Helsinki, Finland--(Newsfile Corp. - April 11, 2022) - Emerging blockbuster Play-To-Earn (P2E) title, Galaxy Blitz, this week revealed details of another sell-out fundraising event with $500,000 worth of NFT mystery boxes snatched up on the Binance NFT. The mystery box sale took place on April 11th and comes off the back of a $10 million investment round in February. Following this event, the Galaxy Blitz team announced plans for a second round of NFT mystery boxes scheduled in May,...

    2022-04-11 3:18 PM EDT
  • Affordable NFT Blind Box on Binance Chain Is Born

    New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - April 5, 2022) - AmazingDoge NFT has created a low-cost NFT blind box. AmazingDoge NFTTo view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit:

    2022-04-05 11:09 AM EDT
  • First Cinematic NFT Film Series, The Future Is Now Film, Debuts 2 New Episodes Exploring Bitcoin, Dubai and More

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates--(Newsfile Corp. - April 5, 2022) - The first cinematographic NFT project, "The Future Is Now Film" presented two new releases from the city of future Dubai and Hamburg, covering such intricate topics as how to create an ecosystem for innovations and how decentralisation will help world economies recover during the Great Reset.

    2022-04-05 9:58 AM EDT
  • BitWell Responds to the U.S. DoJ's Prosecution for Helping Russians Hide Assets: No Personal Data Will Be Provided

    Tortola, British Virgin Islands--(Newsfile Corp. - March 26, 2022) - Recently, in response to the US Department of Justice's statement that it will prosecute banks and cryptocurrency exchanges for helping Russians hide their assets, BitWell, the world's leading growth asset trading platform, said that no personal data of users will be provided to the US Department of Justice.Previously, the US Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and the US Department of Justice have made several announcements to restrict...

    2022-03-26 3:23 AM EDT