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  • Dakshidin Corporation Increases Authorised Share Capital

    Las Vegas, Nevada--(Newsfile Corp. - March 23, 2021) -  Dakshidin Corporation (OTC Pink: DKSC) shareholders representing more than 50% of all outstanding shares voted in favor of increasing the authorised share capital by 50%.Dakshidin Corporation had not issued any shares out of treasury for more than 2 years. The total issued and outstanding during that time was within 0.2% of the total authorised. This increase will allow the company to explore various opportunities, the first of which is expected to...

    2021-03-23 4:19 PM EDT
  • Whitechapel Holdings Launches PPE Website

    Las Vegas, Nevada--(Newsfile Corp. - October 19, 2020) - Whitechapel Holdings Inc. (WCH), a wholly owned subsidiary of Dakshidin Corporation (OTC Pink: DKSC), is pleased to announce the launch of a new website specifically intended to help simplify providing quotes for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).As previously announced, the website is part of an effort to increase efficiency. The company has been sourcing additional reliable suppliers. The new website, http://whitechapelppe.com, will reflect this.WCH's CEO Chris Haigh added: "The PPE space...

    2020-10-19 9:25 AM EDT
  • Whitechapel Holdings, Provides Update on PPE Website Launch

    Las Vegas, Nevada--(Newsfile Corp. - October 1, 2020) - Whitechapel Holdings Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Dakshidin Corporation (OTC PINK: DKSC), was almost ready to launch the new PPE website when the company had to decide to change suppliers. The new suppliers, the company felt, provide better transparency and reliability. Because of this change the completion of the PPE website, which was well under way, will be delayed by a couple of weeks.The company focuses strictly on large...

    2020-10-01 9:01 AM EDT
  • Whitechapel Holdings, a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Dakshidin Corporation Launches Global PPE Products Division

    Las Vegas, Nevada--(Newsfile Corp. - August 26, 2020) - Whitechapel Holdings Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Dakshidin Corporation (OTC Pink: DKSC), has officially launched a brand new division to sell Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products globally.The biggest challenge facing PPE suppliers is the necessity of having direct connections to reliable manufacturing facilities.Whitechapel was already closely aligned with a group in Australia with strong ties to high capacity PPE manufacturers in Vietnam and Thailand. Given the company's mission to...

    2020-08-26 6:45 PM EDT
  • Dakshidin Corporation (DKSC), Announces Whitechapel Australia Pty Ltd

    Las Vegas, Nevada--(Newsfile Corp. - December 18, 2019) - Dakshidin Corporation and its wholly owned division Whitechapel Holdings Inc. announced the establishment of Whitechapel Australia Pty Ltd.The new company will act as the importer of Whitechapel's Laughing Frogs CBD products for the Australian market. The Australian company will also apply for a license to grow and distribute hemp in Australia; the Australian hemp market is in the early stages of development and the growing experience of Whitechapel Holdings USA...

    2019-12-18 4:00 PM EST
  • Dakshidin Corporation (DKSC), Announces Hemp Cultivation Joint Venture in Oregon

    Las Vegas, Nevada--(Newsfile Corp. - November 21, 2019) - Dakshidin Corporation (OTC Pink: DKSC) and its wholly-owned division Whitechapel Holdings Inc. announced that its Runnymede Farms subsidiary has entered into a joint venture agreement with Almadula Hemp in Oregon to cultivate a 30-acre Hemp development using a new strain of seed that has a very low THC component. Hemp is classified as a Class 2 substance due to its lower THC content which is defined as less than .3%. ...

    2019-11-21 9:30 AM EST