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Recent News

  • NUVO Crowdsale to be Held on Paperstreet (Techstars '19)

    Paperstreet, which operates a token sale platform and was selected to participate in Techstars '19, has reached an agreement with FORK to host the NUVO token crowdsale, with whitelisting to begin on Monday, March 4, 2019. With eight token sales closed to date, Paperstreet has a proven track record in ...

    2019-03-01 1:01 AM ET
  • FORK Provides Business Updates in Light of Improved Crypto Asset Market

    With significant growth seen in the overall capitalization and 24 hour trading volumes of the crypto asset markets, FORK is providing its shareholders an update on the performance of some of its projects and investments. At the beginning of March, crowdsales for both AMR and NUVO tokens will be underway, ...

    2019-02-25 1:01 AM ET
  • FORK Announces Commencement Dates of the Token Crowdsale for Nuvo and its Bounty Program

    The NUVO token is the proprietary crypto asset of NUVOCASH, a social network blockchain that FORK was commissioned to provide technical, administrative and advisory services for, by the UK-based social media technology firm Nuvo Cash. With the crowdsale for NUVOcommencing on Friday, March 1, 2019, FORK is also announcing a ...

    2019-02-05 1:01 AM ET
  • Partnership Formed for Energy Trading on the Ammbr Mesh Network

    Ammbr has made a partnership with Illum, a technology firm that is developing a blockchain-based energy trading marketplace that will give homeowners the ability to procure inexpensive energy at off-peak times and resell it into the grid. Illum will operate on Ammbr's wireless mesh network, which will have the combined ...

    2019-01-28 1:01 AM ET
  • Ammbr Provides Update on AMR Crowdsale

    Ammbr's AMR crowdsale has garnered much interest since its launch on January 14, 2019. To date, many users have successfully been whitelisted, with inquiries and applications continuing to be made by interested participants. To provide a wider range of payment options, Dash (DASH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and Loki (LOKI) will ...

    2019-01-24 1:01 AM ET