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With over 20 years of experience, our comprehensive knowledge of regulatory filing and compliance requirements, and teams of regulatory filing specialists, Newsfile delivers fast, accurate turnarounds, quality conversion and flexible, customized solutions. All for fair, honest pricing—and the personal customer service you deserve.

Expertise and Ingenuity

Our team of XBRL specialists has been preparing and filing XBRL reports with the SEC EDGAR system since 2011. Highlights include:

  • Internal team of XBRL agents
  • Creation of proprietary XBRL software built from a filing agent's perspective
  • Manage one relationship, not two, and avoid filing mismatched HTML and XBRL data
  • Leading roles in North American XBRL organizations
XBRL Agent Filing Services for IFRS Companies

IFRS Companies

In March of 2017 the SEC announced that Foreign Private Issuers reporting in IFRS will be requiried to file XBRL on certain reports beginning in 2018. Our agents are available to assist 20-F and 40-F filers construct an initial taxonomy template and work with your accounting team to prepare your inaugural XBRL report.

  • Experience: Our internal team of XBRL specialists has been carefully following the IFRS taxonomy and is ready to help your firm choose the best of 4,000+ accounting concepts to represent your line items
  • Ingenuity: Our proprietary software generates proofing and validation materials, assisting you in ensuring your corporate data has been tagged correctly
  • Canadian Presence: Our Canadian XBRL agents are located in Toronto and Vancouver and are available to meet with you in person to discuss preparing for the new mandate
XBRL Agent Filing Services for US GAAP Companies

US GAAP Companies

With XBRL required four times a year on continuous disclosure forms 10-Q and 10-K, SEC EDGAR filers reporting in US GAAP need an ongoing XBRL resource for consultation and filing preparation.

  • Experience: Our experience creating XBRL reports since 2011 will assist your firm in selecting the best of 15,000+ official US GAAP accounting concepts to represent your line items
  • Ingenuity: Our proprietary software allows for the easy merging of reports for the creation of XBRL reports on Form S-1, F-1, and F-10
  • Proofing and Validation: View a collection of reports during the proofing process illustrating report presentation, concept selection, and calculation rollups

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