Grwth Army Launches in Partnership with GDA Capital to Revolutionize Web3 Growth Marketing and Investment

March 05, 2024 7:28 AM EST | Source: Growth Army LLC

Sheridan, Wyoming--(Newsfile Corp. - March 5, 2024) - Grwth Army, a pioneering firm in the digital asset marketing sector, is thrilled to announce its official launch in partnership with GDA Capital, a global digital asset investment and capital markets advisory firm. This strategic alliance is set to revolutionize the landscape of Web3 growth marketing and investment, helping disruptive blockchain companies distribute to new markets, growth hack communities and build brand awareness through international Key Opinion Leader (KOL) networks.

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 Grwth Army Launches in Partnership with GDA Capital

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A New Era in Digital Asset Marketing and Investment

Grwth Army is founded on the principle of bridging the gap between influential web 3.0 KOLs and innovative blockchain technology projects. By facilitating strategic investments and impactful promotions, Grwth Army is creating a synergistic environment where both KOLs and projects can thrive.

"Having been deeply involved in the evolution of Web3 growth marketing over the past decade, my mission has been centered around pioneering new frontiers and establishing industry benchmarks," said Michael Laurens, Co-Founder of Grwth Army. "Our joint venture with GDA Capital embodies our mutual commitment to harnessing the full spectrum of marketing capabilities to revolutionize the web 3.0 space. By integrating the unparalleled reach of KOLs with our expansive marketing services, we are aiming to connect projects with an audience of over a billion enthusiasts and investors worldwide, sparking unprecedented growth and innovation."

Strategic Partnership with GDA Capital

The partnership with GDA Capital brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Grwth Army. GDA Capital's proven track record in digital asset investment and capital markets advisory services complements Grwth Army's focus on KOL-driven marketing distribution and growth strategies.

"GDA Capital has always been at the forefront of innovation in the digital asset space," said Michael Gord, Founder at GDA Capital. "Our collaboration with Grwth Army represents a significant step forward in connecting influential voices in the crypto world with cutting-edge investment opportunities to help further the growth of the Web3 industry."

Empowering KOLs and Crypto Projects

Joaquim Miro, marketing expert and Partner at GDA Capital added: "Healthy token economies are synonymous with thriving communities. Grwth Army will serve as a bridge between the two, offering a platform for KOLs and up and coming projects to connect and align to come to market together."

About Grwth Army

Grwth Army is a pioneering community platform focused on leveraging the power of collective intelligence to fuel growth in the digital age. Grwth Army offers a suite of resources including networking opportunities, strategic growth frameworks, and access to industry leaders, to empower projects to excel in their respective fields by bridging the gap between disruptive technology projects and distribution. The Grwth Army team consists of experts in various domains such as entrepreneurship, digital marketing, technology integration, and leadership development, all united by a common goal: to facilitate a global movement of growth-minded individuals and enterprises.

About GDA Capital

GDA Capital is a leading global investment firm focused on digital assets and blockchain technology. With a diverse portfolio of investments and a strong track record of success, GDA Capital provides capital markets advisory services, capital formation, asset management and global go to market solutions to clients worldwide. The GDA Capital team is comprised of seasoned professionals with deep expertise in finance, technology, growth strategies and blockchain innovation.

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Michael Gord
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