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  • Green Bitcoin Beyond the Arctic Circle: Minto Invests $ 60M in Mining and Prepares for IDO

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates--(Newsfile Corp. - November 26, 2021) - The Minto project, which raised $ 1.5 million at the presale stage, is on the way to enter IDO with BTCMT tokens. In Minto, environmentally friendly Bitcoin mining with a minimum carbon footprint is guaranteed. In Karelia, a part of northern Russia beyond the Arctic Circle, a new data center has been built by the project team. In this place, due to the continuing installation of new mining hardware,...

    2021-11-26 1:09 PM EST
  • Voice Street Platform's Offerings Are Music to Gamers' Ears

    Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - November 25, 2021) - Voice Street is a blockchain platform that specializes in the fragmented trading of musical copyright and the development of music IP derivative value. Voice Street believes that the securitization of intangible assets, especially the securitization of music-based intellectual property, is the main direction in which its NFT project can be expanded. Voice Street is undoubtedly one of the NFT projects which has been gaining traction since October.The company is also aware that...

    2021-11-25 1:26 PM EST
  • MetaFinance Rebuilds Financial Order of the Metaverse, Announces New Features At Its One-Year Halving Anniversary

    Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - November 25, 2021) - On November 15, 2021, MetaFinance (MFI) halved for the first time. On the occasion of this anniversary of halving, MetaFinance is pleased to announce more unique features of MetaDEX including the vision, technical architecture, and algorithm innovation for Metaverse users and partners.The establishment of Metaverse provides another parallel universe for the blockchain technology represented by Bitcoin. In this universe, on-chain assets are sacred and inviolable. As pioneers in the industry, MetaFinance...

    2021-11-25 3:25 AM EST
  • Liberty Tokens Announces Official Launch of Highly Anticipated Multi-Token Ecosystem with Dual Reflections

    San Diego, California--(Newsfile Corp. - November 24, 2021) - Liberty Tokens is pleased to announce the launch of the first of their innovative tokens that go on sale in December 2021. The planned token is making headlines for its development and engineering. This is going to be another exciting creation in the world of alternative investments that continues to evolve every day with the incorporation of innovative ideas and technologies. By integrating DeFi with blockchain technology, Liberty Tokens...

    2021-11-24 8:57 AM EST
  • KryptoDEX Launches on Cronos

    San Salvador, El Salvador---(Newsfile Corp. - November 24, 2021) - Inspired by Krypto's mission to build the future of the Internet - Web3, InterDeFi is thrilled to announce Krypto's plan to join the Cronos and ecosystem with KryptoDEX.KryptoDEX is powered by InterDeFi with many winning components: a DEX with a very attractive trading fee, a launchpad with great IDO track record, a NFT marketplace, unique 3-type referral system and more. Just like, they are building day in day...

    2021-11-24 4:50 AM EST
  • Alpaca Foundation - The First Charitable Crowdfunding for Startups Launched by Sagitov Ltd.

    Saint-Petersburg, Russia--(Newsfile Corp. - November 24, 2021) - Sagitov Ltd.’s Kirill Sagitov, a Russian entrepreneur who is a nominee for state prizes and awards, announced the Alpaca Fund project aimed at charity.Kirill Sagitov's speech to investorsTo view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit:

    2021-11-24 4:26 AM EST