GroupGiftz Expands Application with Social Features

December 16, 2022 4:54 AM EST | Source: Imperium Group

Rye, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - December 16, 2022) - GroupGiftz, a group-gifting company, is pleased to announce the expansion of their company application, a platform on which the company recently installed new social elements. Some of the new features that will further connect gift-givers are collective messaging and group chat options, and personalized invitations to join the group gift.

The Rye, a New York-based company, expanded its online application premises to connect users giving gifts and allow for easier, mobile access to the effort. Because the brand recognizes the relevance of socializing in group gifts, GroupGiftz aims to make the gift-giving process more efficient, simple, and as friendly as in-person gift-giving.

"Group gifting is a common way for several people to contribute money toward one gift for a specific person. Starting in 2018, we have worked over the years to improve the app through feedback that we received from our users. Our goal is to make our users an integral part of everything we do. We want to change the landscape of how people view gifting cash for all occasions," claims the GroupGiftz founder, Celine Ofori-Amanfo.

The company designed the application to open with an onboarding procedure that allows users to connect their email and phone number to a GroupGiftz account. This is done so that users can instantly connect with their friends, family, and other contacts already on their phones.

Once customers are connected and signed up on the app, the platform guides them through starting their first group. When starting a new, collective gift, the app is made to guide shoppers through several options on how to proceed. The three group gift types that one can choose to create are evenly split, goal-oriented, or open-ended gifts. This was done to ensure that users had the same plethora of options they would when giving in real life.

Another feature of the app, which serves to imitate in-person giving, is the GroupGiftz group room, where one is provided with several options, such as creating a group through a non-confrontational "invite." Creating this formal invitation feature was GroupGiftz's effort to parallel the formal process of physical gift-giving as closely as possible.

Because GroupGiftz strives to embody the social aspect of in-person gift giving, they were motivated to make the app as personalized as possible with chat and messaging features. In the group gift room, all group members can now send messages directly into a large chat. GroupGiftz hopes for this to lend the app a communal feel, allowing givers to converse with one another and serving the GroupGiftz mission of connecting people through giving.

Holding several entrepreneurship certifications, Ofori-Amanfo founded GroupGiftz when she realized that group gifting could be more efficient than it was before.

"The company sees a lot of collections for weddings, birthdays, graduations, and even in some cases starting a new business or getting a Ph.D.," claims Ofori-Amanfo. Aware that people now more than ever are choosing cash gifts versus traditional gifts, GroupGiftz hopes to allow people to use the funds for what they need rather than unwanted gifts.

"Why get twenty presents for instance when you can get cash towards a trip?" asks Ofori-Amanfo.

With the application social features, she hopes for the company to make the procedure even more fun for givers around the world. The company wishes for the new elements to contribute to the mission of GroupGiftz, which is to make the activity exciting, not just another transaction.

GroupGiftz is a group gift-giving company specializing in making the group gift-giving process effortless, simple, and special like it is in real life. They are currently reachable in over 170 countries and plan on expanding this number soon. To learn more email, visit the company website, and follow the company LinkedIn and Instagram @groupgiftz

Celine Ofori-Amanfo

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