Universal Public Service Emergency Notification (UPSEN) Program Announced by CEASA

November 10, 2022 9:35 PM EST | Source: CEASA Group

Miami, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - November 10, 2022) - In response to numerous agency 'Calls-to-Action' for nations to provide an emergency warning capability by 2025, the Association of Cellular Emergency Alert Services, Civil Information Societies, CEASA, announces the completion of a three-year initiative to research and develop a viable operating system and funding plan that will enable all mobile networks, regardless of size or economic status, to provide revenue sustained authoritative emergency notifications as a commercial mobile public service feature.

CEASA founder and Executive Secretary, D.D. 'Bud' Weiser, today proudly announces the completion of a three-year research project conducted by the CEASA Emergency Communications Working Groups, that has addressed and resolved the technical and economic challenges to global deployment and availability of cellular broadcast emergency alert and advisory capabilities.

Mister Weiser stated that the 'Calls to Action', driven by the exponential increase in both the frequency and magnitude of natural and manmade disaster events, and the global proliferation of personal telecommunications, has served to define the logical role of the commercial mobile industry in guaranteeing at-risk mobile populations have better access to real-time authoritative emergency information.

The proven humanitarian benefit of cellular emergency alerting has made personal telecommunications synonymous with emergency management.

Cellular broadcast emergency messaging is now operating in over twenty countries and has been credited with saving thousands of lives. However, the costs related to network deployment of cell broadcast technologies and the 'nation states' administrative investments has restricted its' availability to only highly developed nations. As a result of these costs over eighty percent of the global mobile markets including many of the most vulnerable populations have no access to mass emergency messaging.

The program provides a more economical alternative to the current 'open-gateway' management systems with all funding provided by the regulatory nations' imposition of a modest surtax on the mobile users who are the direct beneficiaries of UPSEN.

The UPSEN Program provides a fully automated cellular broadcast overlay messaging capability allowing any mobile network to instantly receive and passively send multilingual emergency notifications and critical event information published by UN recognized agencies to the mobile populations in targeted geographic regions, with no public investment.

Initial implementations of UPSEN are planned for Africa, South America and the Caribbean regions beginning in 2023, with all 220 global mobile networks UPSEN enabled and operational by 2025.

CEASAssociation is a not-for-profit volunteer society of civil emergency information engineers, academics and disaster management professional dedicated to advancing development of personal telecommunications for humanitarian benefit.

The association members are internationally recognized for initiating the use of mobile multicast technology to deliver passive cellular emergency alert messaging service.

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