One28 Launches DJ App in Europe

June 29, 2022 5:09 PM EDT | Source: Imperium Group

Monte Carlo, Monaco--(Newsfile Corp. - June 29, 2022) - The ability of partygoers to hear their favorite songs is now within their reach in the most optimal manner: a new app by One28 Corporation is making it easier for them to request their favorite songs from DJs. On June 10, 2022, at the well-known MK Club in Monaco, the company launched its app with DJ Chris S, allowing attendees to tip DJs for playing special requests.

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One28, which was co-founded by CEO Adrien Crastes and CFO Alexandre Coyette, explains that its name refers to the wonderful feelings a listener experiences when they hear their favorite song.

"We may enjoy music in general, but there is always that one special song that hits us and stirs our emotions," One28 says. "When we hear it, our heart rate can go from its usual 60-100 beats per minute to 128, signaling our pleasure. We created our app so that more people can experience that adrenaline rush at venues and DJs can choose songs that take a member of their audience to the mythical 128bpm heart rate. This has the potential to make any party unforgettable for everyone."

One28 explains that through its app, DJs are able to accept or decline tipped song requests from the audience. The DJ ultimately keeps full control, and if they deny a song, they can leave a comment to the partygoer explaining the reason. If a song is denied, a refund is issued to the requester instantly.

The app is gaining ground in the club scene. At its debut on June 10 in Monte Carlo, it facilitated over 50 requests for songs, nearly half of which were denied by Resident DJ Chris S. The minimum request price was set at 15€ by the DJ, and the maximum bid went up to 50€. Upon receiving more requests the next day, he chose to use the app the following weekend at the MK Club Monaco. DJ Chris S says that "One28 is a revelation for every DJ" and that he will use it at MK Club Monaco every time he is mixing.

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"After four years of hard work spent developing our app, we are thrilled that it is changing how music is requested at venues," says One28. "Partygoers and DJs are discovering how easy it can be to communicate with each other about the songs that will be played."

The company reveals that in addition to DJ Chris S, the app has been used at internationally famous and exclusive Twiga Monte Carlo nightclub by famous DJ Magnum, who set the minimum request price at 50€ that night. The use of the app has spread to other clubs in Corsica, Nice, Marseille, and Cannes, and the company continues to onboard multiple DJs.

One28 states that with the successful launch of its app, it is now working on the web app version, which will be released soon. One28 is also preparing to debut the macOS version of One28 DJ and is exploring the possibility of bringing its services to artists. It is also planning an expansion to high-end venues and DJs in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

The company says that it will continue to improve communication between an audience member and DJs. "Playing the right song may not always be the right song for others, so it will always be the DJ's choice on whether the request matches the vibe of the party," One28 states. "If you misread the energy in the room and accept the wrong song request, that can bring the party down and only up for one audience member. However, if you can take one audience member to their magical heart rate without diverging from the vibe of the party, it can transform the room for the better. Our app has the potential to facilitate this and make the night memorable for everyone."

One28 is bridging the gap between live music and the audience by offering the possibility for partygoers to hear the song that can take their heart rates up to 128bpm. In 2019, One28 presented their vision at the Monaco International Clubbing show (MICS), a highly attended nightlife event. One28 then expanded and began offering its app to DJs, and it is now transforming the club scene.

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