Bitrise Will Be a Tough Challenger for Safemoon V2 After Staking Launch

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - November 16, 2021) - After staking launch, Bitrise will be a tough challenger for Safemoon V2. Safemoon, a DeFi protocol built on Binance Smart Chain, just launched the widely anticipated Safemoon V2. Safemoon V2 is an upgrade and the second Safemoon protocol contract, which the team believes will take Safemoon to the next level.

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The launch of Safemoon V2 is an exciting development for the Safemoon community members who believe the upgrade will add value to the Safemoon coin. The upgrade also aims for additional use-cases, which will make Safemoon more competitive.

The ability to change the token's consolidation formula, improved security, better quality, and increased accessibility of Safemoon are among the reasons given by the Safemoon team for the Safemoon V2 launch.

But as a DeFi project, Safemoon V2 will have to compete among other DeFi projects, some of which are growing very popular with the crypto community. One of the toughest Safemoon V2 challengers is Bitrise coin, a relatively newer coin than Safemoon that is popular with the crypto community. Like Safemoon, Bitrise coin is a DeFi project built on Binance Smart Chain.

Launched on 28th July 2021, that's 5 months after Safemoon, Bitrise has accomplished a lot, which makes it a tough Safemoon competitor. Already, the Bitrise team has announced the launch of staking, which Safemoon V2 has not yet.

With the upcoming staking process, Bitrise is already ahead of Safemoon V2. Safemoon will take time to catch up with Bitrise. The huge staking rewards are already attracting even Safemoon community members to join Bitrise coin.

However, staking is just one thing that makes Bitrise coin a tough Safemoon challenger. Here are other reasons why even Safemoon members are still joining Bitrise even with the contract upgrade.

  • Fast accomplishments

  • Token accessibility

  • Bitrise security

  • Higher number of products

Coming 5 months after Safemoon and being ahead of Safemoon in developing the DeFi protocol is a huge accomplishment. The Bitrise project is barely 4 months old and is already about to launch staking.

Unlike Safemoon V2, Bitrise has more products on its network, including Bitrise Audits and Bitrise Wallet. A lot of revenue will be generated for the members staking their tokens.

The Bitrise system offers impressive security, and the token is easily available on exchanges such as Bitmart. With staking coming soon, Bitrise will be a very tough Safemoon V2 challenger.

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