Recently Released Children's Rhyming Picture Book, Quinn-Da-Lin, Is a Must-Read for Preschoolers and Elementary-Aged Children

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - August 18, 2022) - Author and mental health counselor Larisa Vivolo recently released Quinn-Da-Lin, her debut children's rhyming book. In this beautifully illustrated children's picture book aimed at preschoolers and elementary-aged children, Vivolo hopes to instill the value of acceptance in kids at an early age. Being able to embrace one's flaws and understand that each individual is different can help build self-confidence while developing empathy for others.

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Book cover of Quinn-Da-Lin

In Quinn-Da-Lin, readers follow along the journey of a disabled boy looking for a puppy that is unique like him. The boy imagines this puppy as his best friend, eating ice cream together, taking a spaceship to Mars, and having fun. Despite meeting a variety of dogs along the way, the one that he instantly connects with is a three-legged dog. He realizes that the perfect dog for him may not always be what is considered "perfect" by others, but one that is unique and different like he is.

With lessons of self-love and empathy for others, the broader change that Vivolo hopes to instill within the younger generation is reduced bullying. Bullying typically occurs when the victim is considered to be "different" by the bullies. "If we can educate our younger generation that it is okay to be different, then we can potentially see less bullying as a result of accepting others for who they are," commented Vivolo. Vivolo hopes that Quinn-Da-Lin inspires children to embrace what makes them different while treating those who may look unalike or unfamiliar with kindness and respect.

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Larisa Vivolo is a mental health counselor living and writing from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Currently 30 years of age, she focuses on the power of positivity, kindness, and acceptance of oneself and others when working with her counseling clients. Vivolo has written several articles for magazines on the topics of self-growth, kindness, and acceptance. Quinn-Da-Lin is her first book, while another book on self-improvement is in development. Vivolo's commitment to the anti-bullying cause started way back in college when she started GiveKindness - a program that encouraged students to write kind messages to one another anonymously to combat bullying. Other initiatives include a clothing company she started where a tree was planted for each item sold. To get to know more about Vivolo and get in touch with her, visit her online at

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Vivolo at a school reading event


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