Unique Investment Strategy Unveiled to Solve the Challenges of Traditional Venture with Partner at Vault Fund LP, Sarah Anderson

Boulder, Colorado--(Newsfile Corp. - September 23, 2022) - Vault Fund, an investment management firm based in Boulder, Colorado, harnesses its unique investment approach to solve many of the challenges of the traditional venture, including substantial valuation risk and lengthy go-to-market cycles. Vault Fund addresses these issues by investing in company creation funds and venture studios that act as founders across a portfolio of high-growth companies. As founders, these company creation funds have capital efficient ownership percentages in multiple startups from idea to scale. Company creation funds maintain inception-level entry valuations in each of their companies and increase the speed to scale through a repeatable development process, which minimizes capital loss. Vault Fund is the only firm dedicated exclusively to this model of innovation and aims to define the next generation of world-changing companies.

"Vault Fund is a completely new investment vehicle and strategy within venture. Company creation funds have been around since the late 90's, but few have paid attention to their consistent ability to generate alpha. Company creation funds are a very different business model from traditional venture capital. The speed to scale and quality of innovation is remarkable," says Sarah Anderson, founding partner of Vault Fund.

As an investment firm, Vault Fund views itself as investing in founders who are creating a portfolio of new entities from concept into fully-scaled companies. These founders and their firms provide an initial team, strategic direction, shared services, and capital to test new ideas and capabilities, quickly identifying which ones have the potential to succeed in the market.

"I have seen the potential power of this model in my previous experience, and believe company creation funds will shape the way today's major problems are solved. We aim to be the leader in this space, and have conducted extensive research and due diligence on over 175 company creation funds and studios in order to provide our investors with a new and improved strategy for potential world-changing innovation at scale," concludes Ms. Anderson.

Company Profile

Vault Fund is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, United States and was founded by managing partner Sarah Anderson. Vault Fund is specifically focused on investing in company creation funds. They provide deep insights into the landscape of investment opportunities in this space, increase the quality of manager selection in an asset class with high dispersion, and provide access to high-performing managers while mitigating risk. To learn more, visit www.vaultfund.com.

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