Catching the Incredible Candus, an Amazing True Love Story by Dr. Lawrence Birnbaum, Garners Increasing Interest in 2022

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - June 23, 2022) - Dr. Lawrence "Larry" Birnbaum inspires readers with a true love story that rivals any romantic legend. In Catching the Incredible Candus he details the tale of his prodigious efforts wooing the woman of his heart that required all of his persistence, creativity, and commitment.

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Book cover of Catching the Incredible Candus

The minds of men and women have long been captivated by those who have gone to great lengths to overcome insurmountable odds towards the pledging of their lives to one another. Never before in the pantheon of recounted love stories has there been displayed the unique wooing efforts that are so clearly documented in this telling.

Dr. Lawrence Birnbaum "caught" the incredible Candus in fascinatingly distinctive ways and with astonishing persistence in a love story that spans decades and runs the gamut from the ecstatic to the tragic. This remarkable memoir/biography/autobiography depicts the author's quest to win the heart of the woman he could not live without, all while navigating the ups and downs of his own exceptionally engaging and colorful career as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

In addition to their love story, the book examples the workings of Dr. Birnbaum's fertile imagination including poetry, a dictionary of neologisms invented just for Candus, and a marriage proposal written on papyrus and bound in leather. From romantic getaways to a play written for their first date. Larry and Candus' scintillating story will both inspire you and restore your belief in the power of love regardless of your age.

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Author photo of Dr. Lawrence Birnbaum

Dr. Lawrence Birnbaum began his practice after completing a one-year fellowship as a plastic surgeon with the East African Flying Doctor Service. Upon his return to the US, he quickly rose to fame when in 1974 he published a paper describing what is now recognized as the first realistic appearing post-mastectomy breast reconstruction, utilizing his invention of "tissue expanders". For two years, he taught the world's only course on breast reconstruction to his fellow plastic surgeons. Then, for many years, a variety of breast reconstruction implants bore his name. He wrote a number of papers, contributed to books, and lectured around the world. He continued his acclaimed practice for 44 years until his retirement at the age of 80.

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