EMPCLINICS Has Announced a New Location: Amsterdam, Holland

Istanbul, Turkey--(Newsfile Corp. - May 27, 2022) - Istanbul-based hair transplant, dental and aesthetic surgery clinic EMPCLINICS is excited to introduce its new location. Continuing its growth in the health sector, EMPCLINICS expanded to the European continent by continuing its services in the Netherlands. With its new headquarters in Amsterdam, the firm has made healthcare services accessible in the Europe region as well.

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Chairman of the Board of EMPCLINICS

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"We are an organization that has been performing hair transplantation since 2008, dental and aesthetic surgery since 2015. We have decided to carry the experience that we have gained from more than 50 thousand patients from 82 different countries that we have treated so far, outside of Turkey. One of the main reasons for our decision was the request of patients who could not come to Turkey for treatment. We had to refuse such requests of patients who could not spare time for travel due to workload. We were upset that we could not meet this need of patients. We decided to open up to the Dutch market both to respond to this demand and to take our brand to a more global level." - Yücel Muratoğlu, Chairman of the Board of EMPCLINICS

EMPCLINICS brand continues its success from Istanbul to Amsterdam

EMPCLINICS, which won 3 awards at the 6th Turkey Brand Summit held this year, sets an example of a successful health tourism clinic. It wants to continue the same success in its new headquarters in Europe.

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Yücel Muratoğlu and his team

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The company, which has been preparing for a long time for the opening of the new clinic in Amsterdam, has completed the preparations and finally made its new investment. Yucel Muratoğlu, Chairman of the Board of EMPCLINICS, who was awarded the Young Businessman of the Year Award, said the following about the new clinic:

"Architects worked with Feng-Shui experts during the design phase of our new clinic, where we have specialist physicians and cutting-edge technology equipment. A design was made in accordance with the energy vibration and frequency laws of the universe. Everything from the music played in the clinic to the smells in the environment was designed to increase the energy of the person who will visit the clinic." - Yücel Muratoğlu, Chairman of EMPCLINICS

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Yücel Muratoğlu and his award

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The Netherlands, one of the founding members of the European Union, is one of the countries with a high level of prosperity and purchasing power. It creates an important opportunity for EMPCLINICS to expand its export volume in the European market. The company aims to increase its export volume in the Europe region with its new headquarters in Amsterdam, located in Western Europe.

EMPCLINICS plans to open its centers in Germany, Poland, and America in 2023. Since the day it was founded, the company aims to spread its success in Turkey first to Europe and then to other continents.

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