Voice Street Platform's Offerings Are Music to Gamers' Ears

Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - November 25, 2021) - Voice Street is a blockchain platform that specializes in the fragmented trading of musical copyright and the development of music IP derivative value. Voice Street believes that the securitization of intangible assets, especially the securitization of music-based intellectual property, is the main direction in which its NFT project can be expanded. Voice Street is undoubtedly one of the NFT projects which has been gaining traction since October.

The company is also aware that blockchain's most important innovation is its ability to deliver separability + liquidity + digitization and decentralization with peer-to-peer transmission. If the concept of NFTs can be compared to securitized digital IPs, then Voice Street plays a role similar to a brokerage firm, which can undertake the securitization of assets, manage market rules and regulations and collect data on collections and transactions whenever assets are produced, traded or adjusted. Through the NFT, Voice Street can analyze the full copyright of songs as bonds by dividing them into 10,000 copies at $500-$1000 each and securitize them ready for trading on the NFT platform. Clearly, the scale of the digital music copyright market, with liquidity, will be unlimited and will, at the same time, deliver an increasing range of benefits to musicians.

Voice Street hopes that NFT technology will not only securitize an important music intangible asset, but also provide liquidity to the already traditionally solidified and stagnant copyright sector. Furthermore, fans can buy music creators' NFT products on the platform to support their favorite creators; and NFT holders can both share in the benefits generated by subsequent music works in the form of staking to realize the sharing economy between creators and fans and participate in Dao community governance tasks.

Voice Street attempts to realize the free trade flow of all unstructured tradable interests, not only in the music industry, but also in the pan-entertainment sector through blockchain NFT technology. The rights and interests they are branching into are not only the ownership of the full copyright of a song, but also such benefits as the copyright of a celebrity's photo with a commercial license, as well as the right to receive revenue from a celebrity's concert during the course of the next few years, and the right to receive dividends from the commercialization of an anime IP star's cartoon image.

Daffy Panda Ganging Up is one such NFT series which sprang up due to Voice Street's Derived attributes advantages as a music NFT platform. A total of 10,000 products of this limited edition NFT series based on the music game Ark of Panda have been released. They not only include image attributes such as skin, color, accessories and props generated by independent artists, but also game-related attributes such as music genre, props skills, character costumes and special items automatically generated in conjunction with the Ark of Panda game universe. Each DPGU is unique and highly collectible, possessing unique value-added interests which may be realised during players' participation in future games.

The DPGU series proved an immediate hit on its October 14th release, with the first batch being sold on both openSea and Binance, and the second batch set for pre-sale on discord at the end of November which will surely reignite DPGU fever and bring further attention to the Voice Street platform.

Ark of Panda is a blockchain-based game that uses and integrates DeFi (decentralized finance) and NFT (non-homogeneous tokens) technologies to enable players to own their own game assets and monetize their actions during the game. Ark of Panda aims to allow thousands of game players to enter the blockchain world and explore new forms of games through blockchain technology. At the same time, this music-based game can provide musicians with lucrative derivative case-use scenarios and more value-added benefits.

In Ark of Panda, DPGU owners, as VIPs, will enjoy the privilege of being able to use songs for free thanks to the copyrighted song library which has been signed, authorized and delivered by the Voice Street platform, and they can use these songs to create and sell NFT music props in the game to earn additional income.

DPGU adopts the game modes of Play to Earn and Invites to Earn, which at once allows players to obtain rewards through playing the game and making transactions, and also gives DPGU owners additional returns. Ark of Panda also has its own exclusive token-VST-which is an Ethereum-based governance and application token and will be fully applied to many aspects of Ark of Panda, such as the game's ecosystem.

Voice Street's copyright securitization products will be available through an IMO (initial music offering) in early December. By this point, all music products released on the Voice Street platform will be useable as in-game NFT applications.

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Clay Hsu

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