Bricktown Buys Houses: Real Estate Investor Helping People Sell Homes Quick

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma--(Newsfile Corp. - December 22, 2019) - Bricktown Home Buyers in Oklahoma City are helping frustrated owners get rid of unwanted property all over town. They offer fair prices and cash payment for homes that might otherwise have trouble selling.

They buy homes from people who need to sell, and who may not be able to wait for or afford an agent. If you're facing foreclosure, divorce, or high repair costs, they'll give you a fair, cash payment for the house so you can sell your house fast.

Even if your house has been condemned, you can get a fair price from them for it. Their goal is to help you, and relieve your burden as quickly as they can. The team at Bricktown believes we're all in the boat together. What's good for you is good for them, and that means what's bad for you is bad for them.

When banks foreclose on homes or people can't afford the necessary repairs to keep the building livable, that has affects that ripple throughout the community. Bricktown's goal is to have that happen as little as possible.

There are plenty of other reasons why you might need their services. If you've inherited a home you don't want to keep, if you're tired of owning a rental property, etc. Really, anytime you want to sell a home, Bricktown can help because we buy houses.

There's no middle man when you sell to Bricktown, so whatever the cash offer is, all of that money goes straight to you. There's no agency or broker involved, and Bricktown even pays all of the closing fees for you.

There's also no waiting. Once someone from Bricktown has seen your house, they'll know right away if they can make an offer and, if so, how much they can offer. Once you've agreed to their offer, you'll have the money within seven days.

Having a cash buyer that's BBB rated and honest means you don't have to wait for money to be transferred and your aren't dealing with any hidden fees. The process is easy, fast, and fair. Once you've agreed to the offer, you'll get the cash in as little as seven days. From that point on, your house belongs to them, and all the problems it was causing you go away.

There's no better way to get rid of a burdensome property. There's no hassle, no contracts, and nobody is taking a commission on the sale. That leads to complete transparency for the whole process.

The best part is you don't have to worry about cleaning or repairing anything. Bricktown can buy your house as-is, and they can do it fast. The whole process is quick and transparent, and you'll never feel like they aren't being completely honest with you like you might with other companies.

What sets Bricktown apart from other home buying companies in Oklahoma City is that they really, truly just want to help. They aren't out to make a quick buck or take advantage of people. They care, and they do this because they want to help people in difficult situations improve their lives.

Whatever the situation is, Bricktown can help if you need to sell your house fast in Tulsa OK call us today. Whether you've fire damage or owe back taxes, inherited a house after a death in the family or have a building full or troublesome tenants, Bricktown Home Buyers can make your life easier. They'll give you a fair, honest price for your property and they'll do it fast.

About the company:

Bricktown Home Buyers ( is a real estate investment company that serves the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. They buy houses in any condition quickly, and in cash.

Bricktown Home Buyers
405 Northwest 30th Street, Suite 116
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
(405) 294-4001

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To view the source version of this press release, please visit