PaleBlueDot Launches $EARTH Token: A Unique Cryptocurrency with a Mission for Global Sustainability

PaleBlueDot launches $EARTH token, promoting global sustainability through a unique cryptocurrency model and the dedicated Earth Fund.

May 20, 2024 10:19 PM EDT | Source: Plentisoft

Sacramento, California--(Newsfile Corp. - May 20, 2024) - PaleBlueDot ($EARTH), a groundbreaking new cryptocurrency project, has announced the launch of its innovative token, $EARTH, aimed at promoting global sustainability. This unique token not only represents a pioneering approach in the crypto market but also underscores the importance of preserving the planet.

PaleBlueDot has introduced a singular $EARTH token with a limited supply model, emphasizing the message that there is only one Earth. This token is divisible to 18 decimal places, allowing millions of people to own a portion of it, thereby symbolizing the collective responsibility of humanity to cherish and protect the planet.

Central to PaleBlueDot's mission is the Earth Fund, which allocates 1.5% of transaction taxes towards addressing critical global issues. Each month, the fund will focus on specific initiatives such as combating global food imbalance, managing water scarcity, preserving biodiversity, resolving the plastic crisis, tackling human trafficking, combating ocean acidification, and reducing air pollution. This strategic allocation ensures that the project makes a tangible impact on pressing environmental and social issues.

The $EARTH tokenomics are designed to promote stability and growth: the total supply is limited to one Earth token, with maximum wallet holdings capped at 2% and maximum buy transactions capped at 1%. A 2% tax on all buy and sell transactions is in place, with the allocation of these funds divided as follows: 1.5% to the Earth Fund, 0.5% to operations, 3% to the team, and 5% to Centralized Exchanges, with the latter portion locked. To ensure transparency and community trust, liquidity will be locked for 365 years once the token reaches a $10 million market cap.

PaleBlueDot encourages active participation from its community, referred to as 'Earthlings'. The project operates through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structure, allowing community members to have a say in the project's direction. This engagement fosters a sense of collective ownership and responsibility towards achieving the project's goals.

PaleBlueDot's launch is more than just a new entry into the cryptocurrency market; it is a call to action for global citizens to join a movement dedicated to the sustainability and preservation of Earth. By owning a part of the $EARTH token, holders contribute to initiatives that aim to protect the planet for future generations.

About PaleBlueToken:

PaleBlueDot is a visionary cryptocurrency project committed to leveraging blockchain technology for global sustainability. Through its unique $EARTH token and dedicated Earth Fund, PaleBlueDot aims to address critical environmental and social issues, fostering a sense of collective responsibility and action among its community members.

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Name: Ryan Doyle
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