The Next Solana is Bitrise Coin - Says Crypto Community

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - November 13, 2021) - The next Solana is Bitrise. Solana is a blockchain platform with a native coin called SOL. Solana has positioned itself as an Ethereum competitor. Solana is rated as one of the fastest-growing Ethereum competitors. The Solana team says that they are building a decentralised blockchain platform that will enable scalable and user-friendly applications.

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Solana has more than 400 projects spanning from Web3, DeFi and NFTs, and others. It is this range of projects that are making Solana tops among the fastest growing crypto ecosystems. Launched in early April 2020, Solana has managed to beat many other projects. The Solana team says it is the fast delivery that has made Solana token, SOL, increase from cents to $232 as of writing.

Solana is hailed as one of the most successful blockchain-based projects. From the development of the projects and community gains, Solana is doing very well. The team says that Solana native coin value will continue to increase as the Solana blockchain, the main product, takes shape.

The Solana project has inspired other blockchain based projects. Among the coins that will be the next Solana is Bitrise. Bitrise is one of the fastest-growing crypto coins in the market, and the crypto community likes it. Like Solana, Bitrise is developing a blockchain-based platform for the financial industry. The team at Bitrise will be developing a DeFi protocol built on Binance Smart Chain.

The Solana team is developing a system for a better society by decentralising major services, including finances. Like Solana, the Bitrise team is developing a decentralised financial system. But there are a number of things that Bitrise coin has done that are making it the next Solana

Just like Solana, the team is developing the project pretty fast. In barely a month after token launch, Bitrise launched the initial utility products Bitrise Audits and Techrate Audit. This was even faster than Solana did in the first two months. It just took another 30 days for the team to release the Bitrise dApp wallet.

Solana is also hosting a lot of products in its ecosystem. With such products, Solana users are able to get more for the increased revenue. The multiple products are also growing Solana coin demand. The impact will be a rise of Solana coin price, and this is how Solana is successful.

The Bitrise team has taken the same route as Solana of rewarding users. From tokenomics to staking, Bitrise will make users successful like Solana. Bitrise tokens have a buyback smart contract that automatically diminishes tokens in the liquidity pool. Like Solana, Bitrise token can keep a high demand and price to provide investors value.

Bitrise is also offering rewards for holding coins. A percentage of the tax collected on token sale that is distributed to all token holders. The reward is an active income that is distributed every 60 minutes.

Staking Program

Solana has a powerful staking process that rewards Solana members. All holders of Solana coin can stake their assets and get a percentage of the revenue generated by the network. The Bitrise team will be launching the network's staking program to join Solana in staking. Just like Solana, Bitrise will have a number of products to produce revenue for staked tokens.

The team says Solana will remain one of the biggest crypto projects of 2020-2021. The value of the Solana coin continues to grow.

Bitrise coin is also following Solana trends. The crypto community is saying it is the next Solana, and the coin is proving it every day. Bitrise coin is growing fast, just like Solana, and the team is developing a game-changing DeFi.

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