The Fat Ape Club to Launch Their Very Own NFT Project

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - October 29, 2021) - The Fat Ape Club has been part of this historic revolution. Their launch will be on the 1st of November 2021. The project amassed 100,000 members on Discord in only 4 days, making it the most followed on Discord at the moment.

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Fat Ape Club

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But what exactly is the Fat Ape Club? Well, this is a tribe of 9,999 obese apes that partied too much and didn't exercise enough. Some years ago, the Fat apes used to live together on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. However, the majority of them were captured by poachers who then sold the Fat Apes to multiple zoos around the world for profit.

The future is NFT. This massive movement is just beginning to take shape as a passive investment method. Between January and March 2021, statistics have shown that the total sales value shot up to $2 billion. The market grew by over 705% by the end of 2020.

Fortunately, 10 Fat Apes escaped from those zoos after being held captive for more than two decades. They are now on their way to free their colleagues but their ultimate goal remains unclear.

Each minter of those heroic apes will be rewarded with a $10,000 bonus. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to mint an Heroic Ape, you will receive a $10,000 bonus. Once the Fat Apes are sold out, the owner of the Lamborghini Ape will win a real Lamborghini, or an equivalent of $250,000 worth of Ethereum. In other words, the NFT project will award one lucky holder with a Lamborghini Huracán once the project sells out. 9 lucky holders will also win $10,000 each.

After the minting process is over, the Fat Ape Club team will start implementing breeding functions, which will allow holders of 2 or more apes to breed their apes together in order to generate new apes.

NFTs are gaining popularity and making headlines on mainstream media. Many people love them because of how their data can be safely stored in Blockchain. No person can therefore destroy, duplicate or replace them. NFTs are also scarce, making them valuable. Additionally, they are not divisible like Bitcoins and don't need a third party. NFTs therefore provide a secure certificate of ownership over a digital object, protecting the value of the goods. For sellers, it helps them sell something today and keep earning tomorrow.

The Fat Ape Club roadmap shows they are prudent in planning for the future. Their goal is geared towards the longevity of the project. They set aside 10% of the market, second market royalties dedicated to a special fund to ensure longevity through marketing campaigns and flourish sweeps. They want this collection to grow in value over time, giving its members more confidence in holding those NFTs.

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