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Located in Vancouver, BC, and Toronto, ON, Newsfile Corp., a SEDAR filing agent, provides knowledgeable and convenient SEDAR filing services for reporting issuers.

SEDAR is the System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval, the electronic filing system for the disclosure documents of public companies and mutual funds across Canada.

All Canadian public companies and mutual funds are generally required to file their documents in the SEDAR system. In addition, some OTC issuers with ties to British Columbia and third parties who are involved in public company transactions such as take-over bids or proxy contests may be required to report.

As a SEDAR filing agent Newsfile Corp. has been providing SEDAR filing services since the inception of the system in 1997 and has filed thousands of documents for hundreds of companies.


Q: What fees must accompany a SEDAR filing?
Q: How do I pay the fees associated with a SEDAR filing?
Q: Is my company considered an OTC issuer and therefore required to file on the SEDAR system?
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Regulatory Filing Experience
Notice Our team has submitted over 40,000 EDGAR filings and 60,000 SEDAR filings since our inception in 1997. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you.
OTC Issuer?
Notice We can file material submitted on EDGAR to the SEDAR system, allowing you to remain compliant in both jurisdictions.
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