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Lupaka Gold Corp. files News Release on SEDAR
2017-09-22 7:25 PM ET | Lupaka Gold Corp.
Lupaka Gold Issues Agent Warrants
2017-09-22 7:00 PM ET | Lupaka Gold Corp.
Seahawk Ventures Inc. files Interim Financial Statements on SEDAR
2017-09-22 6:12 PM ET | Seahawk Ventures Inc.
Micromem: Provides Current Update
2017-09-22 5:35 PM ET | Micromem Technologies Inc.
Duran Ventures Inc. files News Release on SEDAR
2017-09-22 4:51 PM ET | Duran Ventures Inc.
Enertopia Corporation files News Release on SEDAR
2017-09-22 4:35 PM ET | Enertopia Corporation
Duran Ventures Announces Increase and Extension of Private Placement Financing
2017-09-22 4:30 PM ET | Duran Ventures Inc.
Power Americas Minerals Corp. files News Release on SEDAR
2017-09-22 4:11 PM ET | Power Americas Minerals Corp.
Enertopia Corporation files Form 8-K on EDGAR
2017-09-22 4:10 PM ET | Enertopia Corporation
Opawica Explorations Inc. Cancels Private Placement and Demobilizes Drill Program at Bazooka Property, Quebec
2017-09-22 4:00 PM ET | Opawica Explorations Inc.
Valens Groworks Announces Strategic Collaboration
2017-09-22 3:59 PM ET | Valens GroWorks Corp.
Power Americas Completes Share Consolidation
2017-09-22 3:50 PM ET | Power Americas Minerals Corp.
SunOpta Inc. files Form 8-K on EDGAR
2017-09-22 3:44 PM ET | SunOpta Inc.
Tahoe Resources Inc. files Form 6-K on EDGAR
2017-09-22 3:43 PM ET | Tahoe Resources Inc.
Cornerstone Metals Signs Definitive Agreement on Carlin Vanadium Project Acquisition and Announces $770,000 Private Placement
2017-09-22 3:41 PM ET | Cornerstone Metals Inc.
Standard Lithium Ltd., Modern Technology For Lithium Processing, CEO Clip Video
2017-09-22 2:56 PM ET | CEO Clips

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SEC Posts Notice of Availability of IFRS Taxonomy


The Securities and Exchange Commission today published a taxonomy on its website so that foreign private issuers that prepare their financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) may submit those reports using XBRL.

Automated Schedule 13G Solution for SEC EDGAR Filers


We are pleased to announce the introduction of an automated solution that creates a collection of Schedule 13G filings based on a spreadsheet input file. What took days now takes minutes! Contact us for more information.

Newsfile Corp. Launches Reporting Issuer and Fund Exempt Market SEDAR Filing Portal for NI 45-106


Newsfile Corp. is pleased to announce the launch of its Exempt Market Filing Portal for reporting issuers, private companies, and funds. Our web-based portal allows exempt market filers to avoid the costs and complications of purchasing and using a SEDAR software license. Select jurisdictions, calculate fees, upload documents for filing, and submit payment, all from one simple interface.

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