Are you an issuer on the TSX-V, CNSX, or OTC? Newsfile will disseminate your news release free of charge to our Standard Distribution Network of financial databases, broker/dealers, aggregators and media outlets when filing your news release on the SEDAR or EDGAR system with Newsfile. Make the most of this opportunity and obtain wide exposure... for free!

Our distribution network includes the following locations, plus hundreds more:

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* The following conditions apply:

  • Offer is for TSX-V, CNSX, and/or OTC listed issuers only.
  • News Releases exceeding 500 words will be charged $25 per additional 100 words.
  • SEDAR and/or EDGAR filing of the same news release must be requested.

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Notice Our team can file your news release on SEDAR / EDGAR and disseminate it to a global network while meeting major North American stock market disclosure requirements.
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