SEDI, the System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders, is an electronic, online system for insider trade reporting in Canada. It replaces paper-based reporting of insider trading data for insiders of SEDI Issuers. SEDI requires insiders to file electronically their insider reports, and issuers to file electronically certain information, over the Internet, using the SEDI web site. The public will be able to search for and look at public information filed on SEDI over the same web site.

Insiders who are required to file SEDI reports may do so themselves or may have an agent (such as Newsfile) file on their behalf. If you wish to learn more about the operation of this system may download the SEDI User Guide (in Adobe Acrobat format) from the Canadian Securities Administrators web site. You can also find an extensive set of help files on the SEDI web site itself.


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