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SEDAR Filing Services

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With over 25 years of experience, our comprehensive knowledge of regulatory filing and compliance requirements, and teams of regulatory filing specialists, Newsfile delivers fast, accurate turnarounds, quality conversion and flexible, customized solutions. All for fair, honest pricing—and the personal customer service you deserve.

Experience and Accessibility

Our SEDAR specialists have been filing documents on the SEDAR system since its inception in 1997. Highlights include:

  • Over 80,000 SEDAR regulatory filings submitted since 1997
  • The preferred choice of Canadian law firms
  • Proficient with a wide array of regulatory filing types, including continuous disclosure, prospectus, and exempt market
  • Experience with Canada's 13 securities commissions and their respective fees and requirements
  • Available during SEDAR hours of operation
SEDAR Regulatory Filing Agent Services for Reporting Issuers and Law Firms

Reporting Issuers and Law Firms

Whether you need assistance filing continuous disclosure documents or prospectus filings, leverage our team's 20+ years of SEDAR expertise to submit your regulatory filings accurately and on time.

  • Experience: We are in regular contact with the 13 securities commissions in Canada and have an in depth understanding of their requirements
  • Fee Estimates: Calculate fees owing on annual filings using our simple fee calculator
  • Customized Solutions: Let us build you a customized solution that will allow your team to concentrate on your core business
SEDAR Regulatory Filing Agent Services for Exempt Market Filers and Crowdfunders

Exempt Market Filers

Exempt market filers reporting to jurisdictions other than British Columbia and Ontario must file on Form 45-106 via SEDAR, and pay fees electronically at the time of submission.

  • Simplicity: Avoid learning the complexities of the SEDAR software; use our Compliance Management Portal to upload files and pay fees
SEDI Regulatory Filing Agent Services for Insider Reporting

SEDI Insider Reporting

The SEDI filing system was built to allow insiders to report transactions independently. Is SEDI filing not a common occurence for you? No problem! We are available to file SEDI transactions on your behalf.

  • Simplicity: Just complete our spreadsheet template and email it to us for processing

A Wealth of Experience on File