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Xavier Mitchell, CEO of Valiant Eagle Inc. (PSRU), Releases a Shareholder Letter

Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - July 9, 2020) - Valiant Eagle, Inc. (OTC Pink: PSRU), a media conglomerate focused on the energizing of entertainment in television, film, Internet, and social media, today released a letter from the Company's Chief Executive Officer, Xavier Mitchell.

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To our Shareholders,

Let me begin with a sincere "Thank You" to those who have entrusted their hard earned income in purchasing shares in Valiant Eagle.

Your unceasing patience and confidence in us is inspiring. Each success we have achieved since 2018 is merely a reflection of the trust our stockholders have bestowed upon us. Your trust has allowed us to facilitate accomplishments in virtually every key area since 2018:

• Company scale

• Revenue

• Net new assets

• Net income

• Stock price

We are committed to continuing to build the type of company that treats all constituents-our clients, stockholders, employees, vendors, partners, regulators, and communities-with honor and respect.

Over the last two years, the Company has experienced tremendous results and growth. OKTV went public to compete with industry titans realizing that, without the added benefits of substantial financial backing, we would struggle to make our mark. In addition to capital, the assembling of synergistic business relationships and team members would only further our ability to stand out from the crowd.

Looking forward, one of our most notable keys to success will be our executives and employees buying into the company philosophy. We will require them to be team oriented and approach their jobs at Valiant Eagle with pride and dedication. How do we propose accomplishing this? We will hold our team members to the following founding principles and core values:

▪ Instead of employees being accountable for their efforts, we will hold them accountable for results.

▪ Instead of company loyalty, we will insist on customer loyalty.

▪ We will demand excellence, not mediocrity, half measures, or adequate performance.

▪ We will encourage employees to maintain an owners perspective, not a head-down "workers mentality."

▪ Employees must understand all aspects of our business.

Activities and endeavors that we have undergone since 2018 include, but are not limited to, the following:

The Reverse Split and Name Change

As of March 2020, we completed a reverse stock split with 5,000 former shares being replaced by 1 new share, with a new CUSIP of 91916V202. Purespectrum Inc. was subsequently renamed Valiant Eagle, Inc. The ticker remained PSRU. As a result of the reverse stock split, the common shares issued and outstanding fell from 4,734,700,000 to 946,940.

Although the process proved to be challenging, we were able to unshackle ourselves from previous imprints. Fiscally, this decision was necessary to attract capital investment to the organization. Opting to continue with the same share structure would have hindered our ability to advance in a direction that would benefit shareholders and attract institutional investment, in addition to media partners.

$300,000 Advertisement Deal

Within months of launching OKTV, our flagship subsidiary secured its first and largest advertising deal with Biolase. This company is involved in dental lasers and products that provide biological treatments to reduce pain and improve dental patient safety. The advertising deal was valued at $60,000 and called for OKTV to produce and air ads for six (6) months.

On April 21, 2020, our flagship subsidiary company, OKTV, closed its largest advertising deal with PMI, LLC for $300,000 to advertise its product, The Green Solar Bucket (GSB). OKTV will air GSB ads for seven (7) days a week for the next six (6) months.

During this period, all profits from sales and revenue will be split according to an undisclosed sharing formula. OKTV will also air an infomercial produced by OKTV's sister company, Providence Film Group. The OKTV-PMI deal is one of many currently being negotiated by OKTV and advertisers. The deal is valued at over $300,000 and will be renewed if successful. PMI's internal goal is to sell a million units by the end of 2020. After having to decline offers from Costco and Walgreens because of a lack of funding, they hope the scaled growth from OKTV ads will assist their efforts to provide immediate funding.

Click Here to view commercial produced by Providence Film Group

Advertising Sales Approach

As indicated in our white paper published on April 20, 2020, our sales approach continues to utilize "open negotiation." OKTV has moved away from the accepted method of negotiation between content producers, advertisers, financers, and legal and contractual teams. Instead, OKTV employs a novel approach to producing television shows: open negotiation, a disruptive business strategy in which OKTV does not act as the broker between parties involved. Open negotiation has the advantage of encouraging more original programming.

Instead of acting as a broker, OKTV negotiates directly with producers, thereby eliminating the need for a broker or agency. This is something that traditional TV stations and networks do not do. Without a middleman, OKTV has greater control over its operations, which, in turn, provides more freedom to choose and create the programming it wants to offer. The key advantage for producers is that OKTV presents greater creative control and input in program development than they would normally receive at other networks. So, while OKTV retains the authority to control all aspects of productions (e.g., it decides how much a show is going to cost, and determines how much money it will make), it allows producers to have a greater say from a creative standpoint. Also, OKTV's small size makes it more agile in terms of decision-making, enabling it to be flexible with producers during negotiations and production. Another key point is that the level of risk for a show is shared between the producer and OKTV, which adds further incentive to both parties to create more creative shows.

Click Here to view white paper

Monetization - Revenue Models

Like other networks, OKTV obtains revenue from advertising. It disburses revenues to producers according to previously agreed-upon terms with OKTV during open negotiation. OKTV's ad revenue stream can be considered low compared to traditional TV because its business strategy of foregoing brokers remains largely untested. It plans to mitigate this risk in two ways: (1) it seeks a wide range of potential program material according to PPO and PPA boundaries, and (2) sets a no fixed out-time for the run of a program, which means that all programs, even low-budget or poor-performing ones, can eventually break even and eventually earn profits. With this level of certainty, producers can be assured that they will earn a larger-than-average cut of the revenue "pie". This profit potential is the result of dealing directly with OKTV, versus brokers or agencies, whereby transactions can manifest much more quickly.

CFO Search

The value of a CFO cannot be understated. On February 20, 2020, we began the process of recruiting the first CFO of the Company. The new CFO will serve as a strategic financial advisor to the CEO and Executive Team to support the launch of the Company's subsidiary channels' financial initiatives. The Company is seeking an individual who works well in an environment that fosters new ideas and opportunities, and who possesses the innovative insights and skills to incorporate these opportunities into company financial planning and success. We have interviewed several prospects and anticipate making a selection shortly.

Board of Advisors Appointment

In March, we officially appointed David Nokes to our Board of Advisors. Mr. Nokes has an extensive background in the world of advertising and marketing. His myriad of relationships will bring a number of opportunities to each of the Company's subsidiary channels. In addition to advising and directing the company on building strategic ad relationships with networks to properly position our brand, Mr. Nokes will employ strategies to increase nationwide viewership for all of our channels.

XMG Formation With New Channels

In February, XMG was launched. It is an amalgamation of over two dozen streaming and broadcast channels, each in its own specific niche or micro-niche, and including sports, cannabis, music, children's entertainment, fitness, horror, and many others. The new XMG channels will join the Company's flagship network, OKTV, but will remain independent of XMG.

This launch instantly propelled the Company to the forefront of the media world by using a model that provides viewers with the exact content they desire. This model will satisfy the demands of the bulk of today's consumers.


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Weed World TV Launch

In March, XMG introduced Weed World Television (WWTV). With the ever-evolving changes in the world of cannabis, the need for cannabis-oriented programming has surfaced like never before. Further, a bevy of cannabis-friendly advertisers, such as dispensaries and products lines, will finally have a viable source to market their products or services.

The channel plans to officially launch within the next 60 days, and will soon announce its President. It is currently available on Roku and will be available on all OTT platforms very soon for a small subscription fee. WWTV is currently establishing programming and acquiring content.

WWTV President

XMG entered into late-stage discussions to land Douglas Lohf as President of Weed World Television. Securing such a position will be instrumental in the launch and expansion of the channel. Negotiations are expected to conclude in the next few weeks, followed by an official announcement.

Lohf has been in the entertainment industry for the past 20 years. His background is in media production, with a focus on creating organic relationships between clients and their respective demographics. He has worked with and built solid relationships with some of the largest brands in cannabis as an independent consultant, as well as helping various start-ups bring their products to launch.

This role will develop and acquire programs, analyze information about viewer preferences and tendencies, and use information as a guide in making strategic decisions. This will inevitably lead to business growth.

New Network Technology

OKTV is developing software designed to service and fulfill required tasks. The television space is constantly evolving. Networks are faced with the unceasing task of staying abreast of emerging tech. Not doing so would hinder their ability to be on the cutting edge of content delivery and solutions. Accordingly, we chose to upgrade our in-house master control, thus allowing us to retain control of our ad revenue, minimize time to upload new content for programming, and be much more agile as it pertains to servicing our advertising clients. The software will also be used to service XMG channels.


Upon going public, our initial goal was to become current in our reporting requirements and to strategize for the future. Although the OTC is an ideal platform for startup companies, our aim has always been to be listed on one of the major stock exchanges. As such, we have been positioning ourselves for such a process, and will do so after a few more strategic acquisitions.

New Programs

In the media world, content is king. Networks and channels distinguish themselves by the content they produce and/or distribute. This has been the key to success for industry titans such as Disney, A&E, HBO, and more. Content has defined their brand. As such, OKTV and each of its subsidiary channels will exercise the same model. OKTV is committed to providing solid content with integrity. A few of our projects that have been produced and delivered are as follows:

  • Laugh at LA, featuring Todd Bridges and Debra Wilson
  • Going Beyond Story, featuring Tiffany Haddish
  • Opportunity Knocks
  • Fathers of the Sport, featuring Joe Bryant

Here is a link to our upcoming content line-up:

Special Airing - Harlem Tigerman

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Harlem Tigerman is a short documentary film that examines the story of Antoine Yates. Young Antoine earned the moniker, "Harlem Tigerman," after a four-year-old, 450-pound Siberian tiger was discovered residing with him in a fifth-floor Harlem apartment, along with a six-foot alligator. Yates was catapulted into the media spotlight in October 2003, when NYPD officers propelled down a Harlem apartment building to tranquilize his four-year-old tiger.

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After an inadvertent bite, Antoine faced an exhaustive uphill battle with the courts for his freedom, life possessions, and return of his tiger. The documentary exposes his life, as he discusses his experience raising an adult tiger in a Harlem apartment. Furthermore, the film will reveal his arduous court battle with the State of New York, leading to his incarceration. It was learned after countless county officials made routine inspections on his apartment that there were never any reports of a tiger being present in his residence, although the tiger had lived there for years.

Link to Teaser 1:

Link to Teaser 2:


The EB-5 process is an exponentially useful tool to raise capital for productions. Providence Film Group LLC has begun the EB-5 process for the supplementation of its production financing. The EB5 process, which is popularly known as the EB-5 Investor Visa Program, is the fastest and most reliable way for high-net-worth foreign investors to earn a U.S. green card. The program provides U.S. green cards and permanent residency to an investor and their immediate family (all children up to age of 21) through an investment of $1,800,000 USD into a new U.S. business that creates ten or more American jobs. Many U.S. production studios use EB-5 funding as a means to fund film and television shows. The program is also synergistic to all parties.

Some of the more noteworthy EB-5-funded studio investments include:

  • Time Warner borrowed $100 million in EB-5 funds and $47.5 million in two separate offerings to underwrite movie and TV production.
  • Lionsgate Studios borrowed $66 million in EB-5 funds and $50 million in two separate offerings to underwrite movie production.

The program specializes in helping clients access excellent, low-cost methods of raising capital for their film projects. For more information, visit


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The Future of Valiant Eagle

We believe capital devoted to media and the entertainment industry in the United States exceeds $30 trillion. So, even though we are now available to over 80 million viewers daily, we are far from maximizing our growth potential. The opportunities to serve millions of additional viewers and gain their trust is enormous.

Today, we are better positioned than ever to capture a growing share of the market by continuing to build our approach to delivering quality service and leveraging our scale to operate efficiently and profitably.

As we transition further into 2020 and strive to pursue this growth, we will operate with several clear priorities:

• Ensuring we continue to build trust by making decisions with viewers and clients in mind

• Optimizing our earnings power

• Investing in the businesses for the long haul, with a focus on growth, infrastructure, and management.


As I mentioned in the opening of this letter, this is my first opportunity to share my thoughts, dreams, challenges, and ambitions for your company.

The past couple years have been remarkable. From the depths of the financial crisis to the highs of record stock market levels and consumer confidence, one thing has remained unchanged: our "Through the Viewers' Eyes" approach. Treating viewers and advertisers as we would want to be treated has fueled our growth in recent years. That growth has helped us build scale and grow profits.

So, I will close where I started-with a sincere thank you. Thank you to our valued viewers, advertisers, employees, and families. Thank you as well to our long-term and new stockholders. Your trust and confidence in Valiant Eagle is ensuring that we can successfully build a noteworthy company whose future has never been brighter!


Xavier Mitchell
Valiant Eagle, Inc

About OKTV:

OKTV (Opportunity Knocks Television) is a broadcast entertainment network offering 24/7, 365 days a year programming. Viewers are able to enjoy original programming, TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres. The network can be watched from viewers as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any Internet-connected screen TV or mobile device.

The network debuted in March, 2018 and is available in the U.S. on DirectTV, and also accessible via Roku, Amazon Fire, and Rabbit TV. OKTV also streams live on its Facebook page and via Phillips and Samsung Smart TVs, as well as on the app TVtogo.

About Providence Film Group:

Providence Films is a Los Angeles based entertainment studio whose industry offering's service the multi-billion dollar motion picture, television and music industries. Providence Films foci consist of motion picture production, television production, home video acquisition and distribution, and the development of new entertainment opportunities in an innovative and targeted style.

About Franchise X Entertainment

Franchise X Entertainment is the premiere provider of new music. From Hip Hop to Pop, we are geared toward taking a new step in music by challenging all of our artists to create content relevant and compelling. Our flagship project is the Fathers of the Sport Soundtrack. Formed by director/producer Xavier X Mitchell, his vision is clear and focused. By using a couple key principles he embeds an attitude of winning in his roster; 1. Artists are businessmen - we educate and develop the artist to understand the economics, psychology and business of music. It is essential in order for them to create a longevity for their career.


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