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Recent News

  • Ammbr AMR Crowdsale Begins Today at 9:00 am EST

    After much attention to Ammbr and the AMR crowdsale among press, outreach, and a demonstration of Ammbr at the Consumer Electronics Show last week that garnered overwhelming interest from attendees, the AMR crowdsale will begin today at 9:00 am EST. Interested parties must first apply to be whitelisted on the ...

    2019-01-14 12:01 AM ET
  • Ammbr's Technologies Selected by Smartware for Large-Scale Infrastructure Deployment in India

    AmmbrTech, the US-based affiliate of Ammbr, with whom FORK has partnered for network development, has been selected by Smartware for an infrastructure deployment that will span across 53 cities and more than 15,000 villages in India. Initial roll-outs are currently scheduled for mid-2019, with plans to scale upward in 2020. ...

    2019-01-11 12:01 AM ET
  • Ammbr Announces Launch of AMR Bounty Program

    FORK announced in October that it partnered with Ammbr to develop its blockchain technology for managing a wireless mesh network, and to assist in administering the crowdsale for its AMR crypto asset. The bounty program for AMR has now launched, and interested parties may undertake selected actions through bounty administration ...

    2019-01-10 12:01 AM ET
  • FORK Completes Development of Node Pooling Platform

    With the operation of masternodes, servicenodes and witnesses being a capital-intensive form of investment that is not accessible to most individuals, the Company has formed an aggregation Platform that enables customers to pool funds for the needed collateral for this purpose. The Platform will support masternodes, servicenodes, and witnesses on ...

    2019-01-09 12:01 AM ET
  • Ammbr CEO Derick Smith Currently Taking Questions on Reddit AMA

    After receiving several queries relating to Ammbr, its technologies, and FORK's role in the project, the Company has decided to launch an AMA session on Reddit, in which interested parties can publicly ask questions directly to Ammbr CEO Derick Smith. The timeframe to ask questions is presently open, and will ...

    2019-01-07 12:01 AM ET