Winrock Resources Forms Wholly Owned Subsidiary to Offer Bitcoin Exchange

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - December 18, 2013) - Winrock Resources Inc. (CNSX: WR) has formed a wholly owned subsidiary, ‘Newnote Networks Inc', to facilitate its newly developed Bitcoin Exchange among other cryptocurrency related initiatives.

The Puretrade Bitcoin Exchange will be made available to Canadian residents in Q1 2014. The exchange enables clients to buy & sell Bitcoin, create market orders, limit orders and much more. The trading platform is part of an international Bitcoin Exchange initiative in which Newnote Networks Inc. has secured Canada as its territory.

As an additional value added service, Newnote Networks offers Bitcoin Gift Cards available in various denominations. Cards are delivered by mail and activated through the Newnote website. Gift card holders choose when to activate the cards as Bitcoin is purchased at the moment of activation at our best bided price.

Simultaneously, Newnote is in the final stages of offering a new philanthropic cryptocurrency ‘CryptoAid'. There are over 70 cryptocurrency alternatives to Bitcoin, each with its own characteristics. CryptoAid is the world's first charity coin. Each generated block gives 15% of the reward to the coin-miner and the remaining 85% to charity. The general public can vote on where the coins should be spent and which charities, individuals or worthy causes should receive a donation. The closest other cryptocoin would be Devcoin. Devcoin is an ethically inspired project created to help fund open source projects created by programmers, hardware developers, writers, musicians, painters, graphic artists and filmmakers.

Newnote Networks has retained the services of Brian Onn. Mr. Onn is a seasoned hardware and software engineer with over 25 years of industry experience in real-time market data delivery, data warehousing, Internet services, digital financial services, and EFT and retail services. He has held management and leadership roles at TIBCO Software, TIBCO Finance, Sun Microsystems, and NCR Corporation. Mr. Onn will be responsible for the development of the exchange as well as other planned products and services.

Newnote has also retained the services of Bryan Hellard, Mr. Hellard is completing the Megatronics & Robotics program at BCIT and has received the Lieutenant Governor's Award for Trades from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in 2012. Mr. Hellard has interests in the economical, social, political & technological aspects of Bitcoin and has become a hardware expert in cryptocurrency technology. Bryan is an active member of the Bitcoin community and will be responsible for identifying opportunities within our sector.

President & CEO Paul Dickson reports "We've spent many sleepless nights writing code and working out the technical details. We have now positioned ourselves to participate in the burgeoning cryptocurrency sector and have identified several other target aquisitions that can offer our shareholders exposure to the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead".

Options to acquire 400,000 common shares of Winrock Resources Inc. have been granted to employees, officers, directors and consultants of the Company. The options have a term of two years, are exercisable at $0.05 per common share, and vest over one year. The options will be subject to a four-month hold period.

About Winrock Resources Inc.

President, CEO & Director Paul Dickson sustained a career as a software developer spanning 15 years and specialized in financial applications. Mr. Dickson co-founded and was President of publicly-traded Earthramp Communications Inc. from 1999 until 2001 which was in the business of developing and integrating financial applications for banks and brokerage firms. Earthramp's flagship service; Quotes Canada Financial Network, received notoriety as being the first of its kind to offer free real-time Canadian stock quotes. Paul co-founded Resource World Magazine in 2002, a publication reporting on the business of Mining, Oil & Gas and Alternative Energy. Other credits to his name include various technology related start-up initiatives.

Winrock holds a 100% interest in Newnote Networks Inc., a software and hardware development company specializing in the development and acquisition of cryptocurrency related products and services.


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